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The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a mid-size coupe manufactured from 1990 to the present. As of 2009, the car is officially available in Brazil, North America, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, China, UAE, South Korea and the Philippines.

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Dashboard Lights and Gauges
Starters and Ignition Systems
Mitsubishi Eclipse

How do you install an autometer tachometer on a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and is it possible to connect through the coil-ignitor wires?

  • If you don't have a distributor on your car, you will need to get a tach adapter for your car. So that you can get an rpm signal from your car to the tachometer.
  • Hey dude, here's how to connect the green wire from your tachometer: Tach output is obtained from PCM (powertrain control module) which is a 104 wire connector, and is located behind the passenger side kick panel. Look for pin number 48, which is usually an orange wire with a white stripe.(4.6L is = 4 ppr)
  • Your best bet is to check out the autometer's web site which provides most all the information you might need. If you can't find the info email autometer tech support.
  • Go to test connector inside the fusebox under the hood, it is a t-shaped plug. Tach is the terminal on the top left of the T. The wire under the terminal is white or white/red.

Oil and Oil Filters
Mitsubishi Eclipse

Oil weight for 1997 eclipse?

10W-30 for non turbo. 5W-30 for turbo models

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Will a 2003 eclipse GT front bumper Fit a 2001 eclipse GT?

yes it will

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Timing Belts and Chains
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How do you replace a timing belt on a 92 Mercury Capri 1.6 non-turbo with ac and manual trans and manual steering?

remover battery post pos side remove all belts remove crank pulley may need a puller remove timing cover turn engine to top dead center no.1 piston up marks on cams with marks on timing cover crank key should be at 12 oclock.replacing water pump an all idler pulleys should be done

Turbo and Superchargers
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Can you turn a non-turbo car into a turbo car?

yes though you may need better than backyard mechanic knowledge. check the internet for "turbocharging". this will give you a basic idea of cost, what will work and some will give instructions on how to. alot of times they sell them in kits for the do-it-yourselfer. good luck

Of course you can put on a turbo, but you should probably get a professional opinion, and research witch is the best turbo for you.

Find another 93 eclipse or eagle talon in a junkyard and swap the parts from one car to the other and the computer also. And only run 5 pounds of boost. Which can be controlled by a boost controller.

It's possible but potentially very costly. Several things must be considered, including: (1) The current compression ratio of your engine - it will need to be lowered because of the increased air pressure in the manifold and combustion chambers from the turbo. (2) The fuel pressure regulator may need to be changed. (3) The intake and exhaust manifolds will need to be replaced with manifolds that have additional ports for the turbocharger connections. (4) The camshaft will need to come from a turbocharged car. I've seen this question pop up many times in car forums. It's usually cheaper (and safer) to just buy a car that has a stock turbo as opposed to spending a lot of money on turbocharging a naturally aspirated engine.

Correction. The camshaft need not be from a turbocharged car. Often times the cam specs are the same and sometimes N/A cars have wilder specs.

I've installed turbo's on a few cars that were originally NA. It's generally not as bad as many say it is and you can generally just put the kit on a healthy NA motor as long as you TUNE for it. The biggest thing that is overlooked is when you add something such as a turbo the engine will need more fuel/retard the timing. Example of parts:

Turbo manifold, turbo, oil feed/return lines, materials for a downpipe, materials for charge pipes, wastegate, blow-off valve (or recirc valve depending on MAP/MAF setup), intercooler (not always needed if boost is low enough), clutch to hold the power, silicone couplings/t-clamps for couplings, larger diameter exhaust system, engine management (DON'T cheap out and use an FMU or any piggy back system, most vehicles will either be able to be chipped and tuned by a professional or a standalone system can be used and tuned to your boost/power level.

Some things that are a good idea to change while in there are the head bolts. Most times the head will lift under boost if stronger bolts aren't used. Sometimes a thicker radiator is needed as well because of the extra heat the turbo can cause.

For vehicle specific stuff there are tons of forums out there online.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

How much boost can a non turbo 1.8 eclipse motor take?

If it hasn't got a turbo there's no place for it to get boost from.

Mitsubishi Eclipse
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How do you replace crankshaft sensor on 1998 eclipse?

You nee to remove the crankshaft belt pulley, after that remove the lower timing belt cover. When you do that, you will gain access to the sensor and you should be able to replace it. After removing the lower timing belt cover you may need to turn the crankshaft so that the timing blade is not in the slot of the crankshaft timing sensor. On mine for some reason it doesn't like to come off with the blade on there at all, but mine got bent and so I replaced it with aftermarket timing sensor blade.

Mitsubishi Eclipse
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What spark plug should i use in a 2003 kx125?

NGK recomends BR9EIX

Mitsubishi Eclipse
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How do you replace the outside door handle on a Mitsubishi Eclipse? has detailed instructions on how to do it.

Hey James==There are bolts inside the door that hold the mirror on. Be careful as there are sharp surfaces inside the door. GoodluckJoe

Not sure if this will help you, but it did me, as my drive handle on my 1996 Eclipse just broke. I came across this website that has instructions and pictures.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

How do you change trunk struts a 2001 eclipse?

Once struts fail, they have to be replaced. You will need a torx socket. I do not remember the size but but guys from almost any auto store can help you to find out. Make sure that you change them both.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Where can you get hydraulic pumps to open and close mu trunks?

I would recommend a linear actuator. It is electronic and speed adjustable. should carry them. eBay may yield you the lowest cost however.

Transmissions and Drivetrains
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Where is the VSS located on the tranny and y would you just quit on you?

Alot of Vehicle speed sensors are located by the differential of the trans (so it can measure speed from the output of the trans). The most common problem I have seen with them is either heat from the exhaust mixed with age, the outside weather(winter areas like Wisconsin and salt on roads does wonders with the underbody), and wiring problems (from weather or age.)

Auto Parts and Repairs
Head Gaskets and Valve Covers
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How do you replace the head gasket on a 1997 ford Taurus?

The cheapest way is to do the job yourself. These cars were known to have gasket failures. A lot of times the gasket would allow coolant to leak into the oil. If your dipstick looks like a milkshake, chances are you have done some damage to bearings in the engine. You might not hear anything until a few months later.

As far as stopleak or dropping an egg into rad, I cant see any cheap way to do this job. The problem is you are trying to seal combustion chamber pressures from the cooling system, and visa versa. ........

I had good results from 2 small containers of alumaseal from discount auto supply.

I had this problem. I tried bars leak 3 times, didn't work. Did the head job, and then the oil pump died. We were told the bars leak probably did it. Also Bars leak killed the thermostat, had to replace it (but since the headgasket blew, change it anyway). It can also damage the heater coil.

No cheap way. The head set gasket set is 55 out the door, and the Haynes repair manual is 15. If you want JUST the head gasket (not a good idea) they're 17.00.

The one other thing is the bolts are Torque to Yield, you need to spend the 30 bucks extra for new head bolts. Also, you need RTV gasket maker too.

Replacing the head gasket on any vehicle is a long and complicated process, however if you wish to see basic step-by-step instructions go to the related question on the right side of the page "How do you replace a head gasket?"

Mitsubishi Eclipse
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How do you enter the anti-theft code on a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

on mine you use the preset buttons to type in the code.... others you use the seek and scan buttons.... once the code is entered you press the tape or CD button

Still need this answer? I have a 97 eclipse turbo and the original owners manual - it's part of the CD player controls but i don't feel like going outside (cold) to get the manual unless u still need the answer. I had this problem a few times myself after having the dealer work on my car.

Serpentine Belts
Mitsubishi Eclipse

How do you change the serpentine belt on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse gts?

Loosen the belt tensioner. Make sure that the belt can be removed easily. Replace the belt with a new one. Check that belt is clean before installing. Clean the pulleys if you have to.

Tighten the belt tensioner to set proper tension.

Check Engine Light
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What is most likely the cause of a small evap system leak on a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?

it happened to my Honda Accord yesterday also. Friend of mine used scanner to detect that problem and found out that the part name "Purge system solenoid valve" was broken. I hope this will give you a hint for your car. Thia problem can also be caused by an improperly installed air filter housing. The housing may not be sealed properly on its gaskets or the holding clips may not be set. It is an easy item to check! You may want to check your charcoal canister also...I had the same problem just two month's ago and that was the problem...I have a 99 Eclipse RS Spyder.... it is your roll over valve on the fuel tank i have a 97 rs too it had the same problem I would start with making sure you have a good seal on your gas cap as well (three clicks whenever it is removed and put back on). This is one of the most common causes of this code. Also, check all your vaccum lines for cracks from the gas tank to the evap system. Another cause, as mentioned above, is the purge solenoid sensor.

Check Engine Light
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How do you reset the check engine light on a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

This is out of the haynes code book. Disconect the negative battery cable for thirty seconds.

Simply removing the negative terminal from the battery for a couple minute and put it back. that should work

If light keeps on apperaring, you should replace the oxygen sensor located on the headers.

Why would you replace the oxy sensor for no reason???????!!!!!!!

Get Auto Zone or Advanced to pull the codes for you first for free, then take action and fix it.

Sorry for the redundancy, but disconnecting the battery will reset the system. If the check engine light comes on, the most common problem is a bad oxygen sensor. That is why it was suggested that you replace them. If they are bad, you will be getting reduced fuel economy. There are 2 sensors: one before the catalytic converter and one right after the it. They are easily accessible, so replacement is easy.

; Another very common reason for check engine is a loose or bad gas cap

Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

For a 2001 Eclipse here is what you do.

Pull out the plug that gives the light bulb juice, and remove the rubber seal around it. Then there is a little latch that will pull a little bit down and out [just like a safety pin]. THen pull out the bulb. Put the bulb in, and re-attach the pin. Then just pop the rubber seal back on [be sure to let the prongs of the bulb protrude so you can hook it back up], and then plug the energy source back into the bulb.

Then, wah-lah! You once again have headlights.

Good luck! You can do it!

To replace the headlight you have to remove the whole headlamp housing. Remove all 4 screws and unplug the harness in the back. there should be 2 screws on the back of the bulb remove those and change out the light.

easy fix.

From Curtiecia

I hope its not too late - i have a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS and have had to change the headlights bulb also. You will not need any tools to do this.

Just open the hood, stick your hand directly behind the headlight you wish to change (preferbably when the engine is cool - its hot down there!)

Your feeling for a rubber gasket (round dark colored rubber thing, reminds me of the tub stopper).

When u find the gasket pull it out and Voila there's the bulb.

Simply disconnect the bulb from the other plastic piece (has wiring attached to it).

Remove the bulb from the rubber gasket change it and then put it back together

And its veryyyyyyyy simple, if it helps I'm a female and did this very quickly (no I'm not a mechanic either)

Mitsubishi Eclipse

How many motor mounts 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.4L?

Usually there are 4 of them.

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Door Panels and Handles

Why are door handles made from metal?

why are door locks made of metal

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How do you find out how to install a vehicle speed sensor?

The VSS is above the rear differential, mounted on the bottom of the truck bed, very simple to install, its about $30 at autozone.

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How do you replace the oil filter located on a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6?

Its about 24 inches behind the front bumper, right in front of the oil pan. You'll lose about half a cup of oil when you twist it off. To install the new one, rub new oil on the gasket and spin the filter on until the gasket seats, then give it another 3/4 to 1 full turn.

Turbo and Superchargers
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What does a turbo intercooler do?

An intercooler is placed in the airflow path between the turbocharger and the engine intake in order to cool the air after it has been compressed by the turbo. Compressing air heats it up. By cooling it back down, the air becomes denser. This means more air molecules go into the cylinder. This (when mixed with the proper amount of fuel) increases engine power compared to a non-intercooled engine.

Periods and Conception
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Car Stalling Problems
1995-2005 Chevy Cavaliers

What could be wrong with a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse that just stopped when slowing down to shift into 1st gear?

The teeth on the timing belt right at the cranck shaft worn them selfs completley off so the cranck shaft just spins...Sounds like a starter but tis definitaly a timing belt problem...Bent valves and piston damage probaley


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