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Mosses (Bryophyta).

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Q: What moved toward the shoreline and became the first plants during the Ordovician period?
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What was the climax like during the Ordovician period?


What period did grapolites go extinct?

They became extinct in the mass extinction at the end of the Ordovician Period.

What is the dominant plant of the Ordovician period?

Algae was the dominant plant of the Ordovician. There were little to no other plants (other then algae) during the Ordovician. In the Ordovician, the common types of algae were Stromatolites (Blue green algae), and Tetradium (Red algae).

What came after the Ordovician period?

The Silurian period.

What period came after the Cambrian period?

Ordovician .

What period did life move to land?

The period during which life began to move on land was the Ordovician Period. It was during this time that evidence of plant spores from living fossils were found on land.

What are some important events that happened during the Ordovician time period?

You might see volcanic action.

Fossils of fish appeared approximately 500 mya during the what?

Fish first appeared in the Ordovician Period.

What time period did the Bachipods live in?

Ordovician Period

What minerals were in the ordovician period?


What were the oxygen levels during the ordovician time period?

I have no idea what the oxygen levels were during the tertiary period!

What kind of food would be available during the Ordovician period?

Moss salad Algae sundae Fungi margaritas