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earth, fire, and grass are all super affective to quagsire in Pokemon soul silver


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you can't delete hm moves in any of the pokemon games

get the silph scope and use dark moves wich are super affective

it makes it so that only super affective moves hit

Dragon-type moves are super effective against Dragon-type Pokemon.

They have absolutely no effect on ground type Pokémon.

A lapras. Sorry, not sure what lvl or moves.

Ice moves, Water moves, Electric moves, Rock moves.

To get through the Pokemon league/elite four, in Pokemon SoulSilver you have to train your Pokemon to high levels. Once in high levels make sure they learn the right moves that are useful. Strong moves are useful, and be sure to stock up on medicines from the PokeMart!

Dark type moves such as night shade,shadow punch,etc.are super effective against dark Pokemon.

giga impact atract block ice beam item is leftovers

just use high level pokemon that have ground type moves, since hes eletric =]

Bug type moves are not much affective!

You can buy the Avalanche TM at the department store in Goldenrod city. it has 10 pp

at the entrance of the battle frontier, there's going to be a white house and then there will be three guys there. speak to witch ever one and pick one of Pokemon. then then they will give you some moves that you can pick. NOTE The Pokemon moves may cost a lot of f****** BP.

You can use certain moves that trap the Pokemon so that they can not Escape. (Mean look is one of them) You can also put the Pokemon to sleep or use a Master Ball on them.

Beat Crasher Wake in Pastoria city gym.His Pokemon are Gyarados(use electric and rock moves),Quagsire(use grass moves),and Floatzel(use grass and electric).Beat him and get the Fen badge.

Wooper is classified as a Water Fish Pokemon. At level 20, Wooper evolves into Quagsire. Some moves Wooper can learn include bulldoze, and earthquake.

There isn't a specific way to defeat that gym. But my best guess is to find a lot of electric or grass type pokemon. The more grass/electric types of moves, the better! And if you didn't know, the "water gym" (Crasher Wake) has a quagsire. and im not an expert but im pretty sure of two things. 1) Electric types of moves wont really work. 2)Quagsire may know earthquake which is an extremely powerful move. Do not use water moves on Quagsire Because it only regains life.PS. If you know Brandon Cooper tell him EJ is not sorry

If you have Soulsilver, you need a Pokemon that knows the following moves: Flash Surf Whirlpool Sweet Scent Go to where you caught Lugia and then use sweet scent. If you're really lucky, Arceus will come.

You should have Pokemon that have super effective moves for each type of Evee. For example, you use electric moves for the Vaporeon, and so forth. Having Pokemon that are the opposite types of the evees are just as good, too.

you can check out on Pokemon probably its awsome

You should leave out Togepi. They are not that strong and don't have very good moves. You could leave out either Onix or Sudowoodo. Or you could leave out Poliwrath or Quagsire.

Do me a favor and teach ur totidile these moves: surf, waterfall,icefang and whirlpool these moves will get you to the final guy the world champ red at the top of mount silver

If you have Action Replay then select in battle moves. Activate can catch trainer Pokemon. Then just battle a trainer that has the Pokemon you want and steal them.

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