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What movie and television projects has Ben Anderson been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:11AM

Ben Anderson has: Played Tim Collins in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Actor in "The American Experience" in 1988. Played Dan in "Brief Fiction" in 1997. Played Drama Teacher in "Blonde" in 2001. Played Various Characters (2004) in "Skithouse" in 2003. Played Builder in "Take Away" in 2003. Played Ed in "Dentally Disturbed" in 2004. Played Conrad in "Five Moments of Infidelity" in 2006. Played Wayne in "Satisfaction" in 2007. Played Tony Kingladel in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Tony Pearon in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Blainey in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Nutrogino Pumice in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Taylor Knewall in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Professor Kenneth Geiger in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Todd Winnipeg in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Wade Clarke in "City Homicide" in 2007. Played Nick Tilson in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Ron Scrapp in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Summer Edition Vox Pop in "Newstopia" in 2007. Played Adrian Mannix in "The Hollowmen" in 2008. Played Brad in "Offspring" in 2010. Played Tipstaff in "Killing Time" in 2010. Played Warren Snowden in "Hawke" in 2010. Played Pete Rivers in "House Husbands" in 2012. Played Thomas Richards in "Australia on Trial" in 2012. Played Sergeant Robert Hannam in "The Doctor Blake Mysteries" in 2013. Played Mike Waller in "The Time of Our Lives" in 2013. Played Doctor in "Please Like Me" in 2013. Played Detective Tanner in "Wentworth" in 2013. Played Ken in "Nowhere Boys" in 2013. Performed in "The Day of the Broken" in 2014. Played Dr. Seinfeld in "The Heckler" in 2014.