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What movie and television projects has Dawn Addams been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:36AM

Dawn Addams has: Played Epifania Fitzfassenden in "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre" in 1950. Played Kay Prindall (1953) in "The Alan Young Show" in 1950. Played Betty Grant in "Racket Squad" in 1950. Played Dottie Phelps in "Night Into Morning" in 1951. Performed in "Hollywood Opening Night" in 1951. Played Ellie Fansworth in "The Unknown Man" in 1951. Played Priscilla Mullins in "Plymouth Adventure" in 1952. Played Jane Frensham in "The Hour of 13" in 1952. Performed in "The Ford Television Theatre" in 1952. Played Junia in "The Robe" in 1953. Played Kate Howard in "Young Bess" in 1953. Played Cynthia Slader in "Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach" in 1953. Played Cynthia Slater in "The Moon Is Blue" in 1953. Played Mizar - a spy in "Mizar" in 1954. Played Diana Rivington in "Khyber Patrol" in 1954. Played Susan Manners in "Riders to the Stars" in 1954. Played Doreen Meredith in "Sherlock Holmes" in 1954. Played Jane Lockridge in "ITV Play of the Week" in 1955. Played Moglie di Rosi in "I quattro del getto tonante" in 1955. Played Sofia in "Il tesoro di Rommel" in 1955. Played Countess of Aragon in "I tre moschettieri" in 1956. Played Margo in "Armchair Theatre" in 1956. Played Cynthia Fenton in "Armchair Theatre" in 1956. Played Mary in "Londra chiama Polo Nord" in 1956. Played Ann Kay - TV Specialist in "A King in New York" in 1957. Played Countess of Aragon in "Le avventure dei tre moschettieri" in 1957. Played herself in "Discorama" in 1957. Played Third Officer Jill Masters, W.R.N.S. in "The Silent Enemy" in 1958. Played Hedi von Hartmann in "The Treasure of San Teresa" in 1959. Played Szaga de Bor - the red-haired spy in "Die feuerrote Baronesse" in 1959. Played Nadia Rakesy in "Pensione Edelweiss" in 1959. Played Dr. Catherine Langeac in "Secret professionnel" in 1959. Played Tila in "Geheimaktion schwarze Kapelle" in 1959. Played Irina Tatyana in "I battellieri del Volga" in 1959. Played Eva in "The Third Man" in 1959. Played herself in "Melodie und Rhythmus" in 1959. Played Kitty Jekyll in "The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll" in 1960. Played Maxine Hagen in "The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre" in 1960. Played herself in "Estoril y sus fiestas" in 1960. Played Marion Menil in "Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse" in 1960. Played Herself - Call My Bluff contestant in "Comedy Playhouse" in 1961. Played Janet Clark in "Follow That Man" in 1961. Played Countess Audrey Morova in "The Saint" in 1962. Played Magda Vamoff in "The Saint" in 1962. Played Queen Adana in "The Saint" in 1962. Played Catherine Dambreuse in "Education sentimentale" in 1962. Played Katie Rinard in "Come Fly with Me" in 1963. Played Katherine Lambert in "Crossroads" in 1964. Played La marquise Catherine de Vigogne in "La tulipe noire" in 1964. Played herself in "The Eamonn Andrews Show" in 1964. Played Martine in "Danger Man" in 1964. Played Gina Graham in "Ballad in Blue" in 1964. Played Gerdi in "Danger Man" in 1964. Played Lady Diana in "The Troubleshooters" in 1965. Played Herself - Guest Judge in "Carnival Time" in 1967. Played Alma Rostalba in "ITV Playhouse" in 1967. Played Georgie Thompson in "Father Dear Father" in 1968. Played Zeta in "Zeta One" in 1969. Played Suzanne in "Hadleigh" in 1969. Performed in "Sez Les" in 1969. Played Dianne Lynne in "Department S" in 1969. Played The Countess in "The Vampire Lovers" in 1970. Played Therese in "Crime of Passion" in 1970. Played Margot in "A Room in Town" in 1970. Played Lady Anne Benson in "The Adventurer" in 1972. Played Sybil Willis in "Dial M for Murder" in 1974. Played Clara in "Star Maidens" in 1976. Played herself in "Blankety Blank" in 1979. Played Mrs. Landers in "Triangle" in 1981. Performed in "Heroes of Comedy" in 1995. Played herself in "Chaplin Today: A King in New York" in 2003.