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What movie and television projects has Edna Aslin been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:44AM

Edna Aslin has: Performed in "The Invaders" in 1929. Played Bertha Bullhead in "The Cowboy and the Outlaw" in 1929. Played Grace Valentine in "A Texas Cowboy" in 1929. Played Barbara Steelman in "Riders of the Rio Grande" in 1929. Played Barbara Pennypincher in "Breezy Bill" in 1930. Played Jane Gordon in "Trails of Adventure" in 1933. Played June Merrill in "Racketeer Round-up" in 1934. Played Molly Spellman in "Western Racketeers" in 1934. Played Ellen Randolph in "Arizona Trails" in 1935. Played Edna Francis in "Defying the Law" in 1935.