What movie and television projects has Lalo Encinas been in?

Lalo Encinas has: Played Magdaleno in "The Planter" in 1917. Played Beavertail in "The Huntress" in 1923. Performed in "The Lone Horseman" in 1923. Played Joe Pete in "Snowdrift" in 1923. Performed in "Polar Perils" in 1928. Played Lackey in "Flying Down to Rio" in 1933. Played Warrior in "Kid Millions" in 1934. Played Kali in "The Call of the Wild" in 1935. Played Overseer in "Rose of the Rancho" in 1936. Played Convict in "San Quentin" in 1937. Played Policeman in "Waikiki Wedding" in 1937. Performed in "The Story of Alfred Nobel" in 1939. Played Frozen Foot in "Hurry, Charlie, Hurry" in 1941. Played Iraqui Guard in "Adventure in Iraq" in 1943. Played Mexican Man in "Mexican Hayride" in 1948. Played Shawnee Chief in "Young Daniel Boone" in 1950.