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What movie and television projects has Leila Arcieri been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:47AM

Leila Arcieri has: Played herself in "Howard Stern" in 1994. Played Funeral Guest in "MADtv" in 1995. Played Candy Member in "Cousin Skeeter" in 1998. Played herself in "The Howard Stern Radio Show" in 1998. Played Marissa in "Foolish" in 1999. Performed in "Rescue 77" in 1999. Played Pam Washington in "Beverly Hood" in 1999. Played Tia in "Hot Boyz" in 2000. Played Jamaica St. Croix in "Son of the Beach" in 2000. Played Lila in "One on One" in 2001. Played Lisa in "Higher Ed" in 2001. Played Nikki Beck in "CSI: Miami" in 2002. Played Crystal in "Jeremiah" in 2002. Played Lee in "Double Blade" in 2003. Played Ava in "Las Vegas" in 2003. Played Kelli in "Daddy Day Care" in 2003. Played Darcy Sullivan in "CSI: NY" in 2004. Played Maya King in "Wild Things 2" in 2004. Played Monroe McManus in "Kevin Hill" in 2004. Played herself in "VH1 News Presents: Hip Hop Videos - Sexploitation on the Set" in 2005. Played Sarah in "A Perfect Fit" in 2005. Played Allison in "The Show with A.J. Calloway" in 2005. Played Jordan King in "The Final Chapter: The Death of Xander Cage" in 2005. Played Jennifer Roberts in "Prescriptions" in 2006. Played Agent Powers in "Mammoth" in 2006. Played Babe in "The PTA" in 2006. Played Louisa Ramirez in "Babylon Fields" in 2007. Played Detective Bathgate in "Death Toll" in 2008. Played Tiffany in "Untitled Kanye West HBO Project" in 2008. Played Gloria in "Brothers" in 2009. Played Karen in "The Killing of Wendy" in 2009. Played Sadie Lynn Miller in "Buffalo Bushido" in 2009. Played herself in "Miss Representation" in 2009. Played Kaya in "Supreme Champion" in 2010. Played Tracy in "The Preacher Man" in 2010.