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What movie and television projects has May Allison been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:37AM

May Allison has: Played Celia in "The Tragic Circle" in 1915. Played Loulie in "The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs" in 1915. Played Kathie Hart in "Pardoned" in 1915. Played Grace Wilson in "The End of the Road" in 1915. Played Martha Hobbs in "The House of a Thousand Scandals" in 1915. Played Flora Donner in "The Great Question" in 1915. Played Mary Blake in "David Harum" in 1915. Played Diana Wynne in "Pidgin Island" in 1916. Played Helen Brandon in "The Broken Cross" in 1916. Played Ellie Fenwick in "The Other Side of the Door" in 1916. Played Sadie Hicks in "Mister 44" in 1916. Played Patta Heberton in "The Come-Back" in 1916. Played Lillo in "Lillo of the Sulu Seas" in 1916. Played Rosalind Chalmers in "The River of Romance" in 1916. Played Jill Jamison in "The Masked Rider" in 1916. Played Alice Van Zandt in "The Man in the Sombrero" in 1916. Played Jean Hastings in "The Gamble" in 1916. Played Vera Strong in "The Secret Wire" in 1916. Played Isobel Malvern in "Big Tremaine" in 1916. Played Ethel Manton in "The Promise" in 1917. Played Lois de Contrecoeur in "The Hidden Children" in 1917. Played Beatrice Buckley in "The Winning of Beatrice" in 1918. Played Kate Kendall in "Her Inspiration" in 1918. Played Virginia Houston in "A Successful Adventure" in 1918. Played Mildred Vane in "The Testing of Mildred Vane" in 1918. Played Mary in "The Return of Mary" in 1918. Played Leonore Fielding in "Social Hypocrites" in 1918. Played Hortense Troutt in "The Uplifters" in 1919. Played Blanny Wheeler in "Fair and Warmer" in 1919. Played Maida Waring in "The Island of Intrigue" in 1919. Played Peggy Ensloe in "Peggy Does Her Darndest" in 1919. Played Helen Corning in "In for Thirty Days" in 1919. Played Fortuna Donnelly in "Castles in the Air" in 1919. Played Lilly Meany, aka Vashti Dethic in "The Cheater" in 1920. Played Kathleen Rutherford in "The Walk-Offs" in 1920. Played Mary Manchester in "Held in Trust" in 1920. Played herself in "Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 1-F" in 1921. Played Lady Kitty Bristol in "The Marriage of William Ashe" in 1921. Played Nancy Vane in "Extravagance" in 1921. Played Elsie Kirkwood in "The Last Card" in 1921. Played herself in "Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F" in 1922. Played Eva Lee in "The Woman Who Fooled Herself" in 1922. Played Mary Ellen Haley in "The Broad Road" in 1923. Played Claudia Bigelow in "Flapper Wives" in 1924. Played Molly Malloy in "Youth for Sale" in 1924. Played Rene in "Wreckage" in 1925. Played Lael in "I Want My Man" in 1925. Played Elinor Voorhees in "The City" in 1926. Played Corinne in "The Greater Glory" in 1926. Played Belle in "Mismates" in 1926. Played Clare Pitt in "Men of Steel" in 1926. Played Grace Robinson in "The Telephone Girl" in 1927. Played Linda Travers Paris in "One Increasing Purpose" in 1927. Performed in "Her Indiscretion" in 1927.