What movie and television projects has Paul Bond been in?

Paul Bond has: Played Townsperson in "The Boys from Syracuse" in 1986. Played David in "Sunset Strip" in 1993. Played Jon in "The King of Queens" in 1998. Played BMV Examiner in "The Middle" in 2009. Played Jameson in "Water for Power" in 2010. Played Mr. Kolber in "Spring Sing" in 2010. Played Male Pedestrians in "Infamous 2" in 2011. Played Tom Green in "Someplace Better Than Here" in 2011. Played Texas Billionaire in "The Ropes" in 2011. Played Husband in "The Unfortunate Truth" in 2012. Played Brian Sullivan in "The Sum of Loss" in 2012. Played Clayton - the proprietor of the Oscuro Movie Theatre in "The Prodigal" in 2013. Played Bert in "The CLAN" in 2013. Performed in "Black Sugar" in 2013. Played Male Casting Director in "Old Souls" in 2013. Played Jimmy, Sr. in "Nsfw" in 2013. Played Owen Bibbens in "Ruth" in 2014. Played Mr. Connor in "Silent Cry Aloud" in 2014. Played Acting Class Teacher in "Method" in 2014. Played Clayton - movie theatre owner in "The Prodigal" in 2014.