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What movies are based on comic book heros?

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Among others: Superman, Batman (including dark Knight), Supergirl, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Silver Surfer- more on the way, too much comic book stuff, what"s wrong with (Anastasia) (Electra Project), (San Rafael Mission) and othr real life adventure with a romantic kick?

the fact that they are gay and boring and no one with a penis like watching them

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Q: What movies are based on comic book heros?
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Which of these movies was based on the life of comic book writer Harvey Pekar?

American Splendor

Is the show Chuck based on a book?

No, but there is a comic book based on the show.

What were the comic books of the 1930s?

Is a book that is into social studies book in fifth grade that's in chapter 7 about the comic book board games and the movies

Where can you buy comic book movies?

Comic book movies can be purchased from comicbookmovie website, which as huge classified comic series at a afforable price and are shipped across US. They can be bought from other franchise or dealer shops on the local market.

How many ninja turtle movies are there?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a comic book series by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. There have been approximately five movies based on the comics.

Which actress starred in two separate comic book flicks?

Halle Berry starred in two comic book movies, including Catwoman.

What comic book is based on Aurora Snow's life?

The comic book that is based on Aurora Snow's life is called Aurora Snow: True Stories of Adult Film Stars. The comic book was released by Carnal Comics in 2009.

Will Spider-Man make movies?

Spiderman is a fictional comic book hero and does not make movies.

Will they be a dead space movie based on the game?

There have been a few comic book type animated films about the movies. Similar to the animation in Dead Space: Ignition.

What does the acronym JLA stand for?

The acronym JLA stands for the Justice League of America. JLA is based off of a Superhero comic book. The comic books are made by DC comics. They also have made several movies about JLA.

Which book is Bulletproof Monk based on?

It is loosely based on Michael Avon Oeming's comic book of the same name.

What are the release dates for On Story - 2011 Constructing Comic Book Movies 3-5?

On Story - 2011 Constructing Comic Book Movies 3-5 was released on: USA: 18 May 2013

Can Hollywood actors create their own dc and comics for movies?

Actors can write scripts based off of previously written comic books which they will get permission to do and submit the script to a director or direct it themselves, but they cannot write their own comic book. That is a job for comic book writers who do it professionally, just as a comic book writer cannot act star in a multi-million dollar film for a living. It is not their chosen profession.

What is the name of an amusement park that is based on a comic book?


What is the book based on the movie saw?

There actually is no book based on the Saw movies, and the Saw franchise was not based off of a book.

Is the movie Ultraviolet really made into a comic book?

No, despite the movies comic book style a comic or graphic novel has yet to be released. There is a non-graphic novel based on the screenplay. It was authored by Yvonne Navarro and released in 2006. The ISBN number is 0-446-61654-0. The first chapter of the book may be read at the author's web site. See the link below.

What are the bleach video games?

''Bleach" is a manga comic book They are going to come out with a video game based on the comic "Bleach"

What is the name of the 1950's anti comic film shown in Comic Book Confidential?

superman or spiderman and they still show the movies....... be happy for that

Where can you find a comic book collector?

on Ebay, in comic book stores, and at comic book conventions.

Was the movie spider man based on a true story?

No. It's based on a comic book created by Stan Lee.

Comic book based in fort Ontario?

There is an old comic book from along time ago in Europe called Komandant Mark. It is based in Fort Ontario and all the books can be found by searching for Komandant Mark Stripovi online.

What are the release dates for Maltin on Movies - 2010 Favorite Comic Book and Graphic Novel Films 1-78?

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Was the musical Annie an adaptation from a book?

Annie was based on a comic strip by Harold Gray.

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The Screen Junkies Show - 2012 Comic Book Movies Most Hated and Underrated 2-30 was released on: USA: 18 July 2013