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Hamstrings, Quads, Calves.

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Q: What muscles do you use doing squats and what ones do you use to balance you?
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What kind of squats do Zack fair perform?

Deep ones

What Is Body Coordination?

Body coordination is ones control of his body. eg: doing many things at same time with both hands, or balance yourself or something else. -to be able to do what you want using the right muscles right away.

What happens if you stand on a Swiss ball?

People have done it to exercise certain muscles such as the ones for balancing plus you need a good sense of balance

How can one use an exercise ball to get in shape?

One can use an exercise ball in various ways to assist in getting into shape. The benefit of the exercise ball is that it works ones core muscles, which are muscles in ones stomach that most people do not use. The ball assists with balance and strength.

How are voluntary muscles from involuntary muscles?

Voluntary muscles are the ones you can control with your mind and the involuntary ones you cannot control, they do their jobs automantically.

Does the nervous system move your body?

The nervous system sends messages from the brain that tell the muscles to move. So yes, the nervous system causes movement, but the muscles are the ones doing the work.

What do you called the muscles that can be controlled?

The muscles that can be controlled are the skeletal muscles and the ones that can't be controlled are the cardiac and smooth muscles!

What abdominal muscles work hard to enable you to flex your abdomen during sit-ups?

The abdominal muscles called rectus abdominis are the ones that work hard to enable you to flex your abdomen when doing sit-ups. Other muscles used while doing sit-ups are the external oblique's, tensor fasciae latae and rectus femora's.

What is the difference between voluntary and involuntary?

Voluntary means doing something because you want to do it. Involuntary means doing something that you can not prevent or stop doing. This terminology is often used in describing muscles to differentiate between muscles you can move like those used in walking and ones that move on their own like those used for breathing.

Do paintings have balance?

The good ones do.

What kind of muscle can be control at will?

You can control voluntary muscles. These are the ones called skeletal muscles.

What muscles move the inner organs?

Cardiac muscles move your organs. they are the ones that are uncontrollable...

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