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Q: What music did Pytor Tchaikovsky perform?
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What is tchaicovsky's full name?

His full name is Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Did Peter Tchaikovsky perform his own music?


How much money did pytor tchaikovsky make?

He had financial support of 6,000 rubles ayear.

When did The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky first debut?

The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky made its first debut on the 18th of December in 1892. It was originally choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov with a score by Pytor Llyich Tchaikovsky.

Did pytor llich Tchaikovsky ever have children or did pytor llich Tchaikovsky ever have a wedding or get married?

Yes, Tchaikovsky got married. He got married to one of his students. She went mentally ill then died. A few months after they got married he left and told his family he never wanted to see his wife again. He got remarried to another one of his students. During his first marriage he started having an affair with Madam Von Meck

What year did Tchaikovsky make his music?

How did Tchaikovsky raise ballet music to a new level?

Who is a noted composer?

There are many noted composers. If you mean classical music composers, some are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Pytor Tchaikovsky, Frédéric Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff and so on. For baroque music, some composers are Johann Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and George Handel.

What did Tchaikovsky write?


Could Tchaikovsky traveled by zeppelin to perform his the nutcracker ballet?

No. Tchaikovsky traveled by train and by ship.

What type of music did Tchaikovsky write?

Poopie music

What got pyotr Tchaikovsky interested in music?

nobody cares what got Tchaikovsky interested in music so get a life

What was Tchaikovsky famous for?

Music and composing.

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