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PVC Primer and PVC glue

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Brass vs stainless steel whichis suitable for plumbing

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Q: What must be used to join fitting and PVC togetter?
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What are pipe fitting used for?

To join lengths of pipe and to route it where it needs to go.

What does CXC mean in plumbing terms?

When it comes to a plumbing fitting, description CxC means the fitting is Copper by Copper, or the fitting is used to join two pieces of copper

Acetal is used in the manufacture of which fitting?

in a plastic tap

What is ms fitting?

A flare less fitting used to connect tubing or hose.

What maths is used in tire fitting?

The math used in tire fitting is algebra. Math helps to determine the size of the tire needed for each vehicle.

What material used in plumbing fitting?

Brass is commonly used for most plumbing fittings.

What is the largest copper pipe fitting?

With the right amount of money, it can be any fitting you want, however the biggest factory made fitting i have seen sold to the public, was an 8 inch main used for industrial areas

Can copper and galvanized pipes be used on the same fitting?

Yes and no. Pipes are pipes and many houses have both copper and galvinized. But copper and galvinized pipe must never come into direct contact with each other. You have to put what's called a dielectric fitting (available at your local hardware store) in between them. The problem is that without a dielectric fitting you'll get what's called electrolysis. Electrolysis eats holes in your pipes. Like I said, just put in a dielectric fitting. No sweat.

Which Enzyme is used to join two DNA fragments?

Ligase is used to join DNA strands together

How is curve fitting used in mathematics?

Curvie fitting is used in mathematics to find a mathematicalmodel that fits your data. The curve fit fins the specific parameters which make that function match your data as closely as possible.

What is a street fitting?

A street fitting is a fitting that is designed to attach to another fitting, It can also be one that is design to connect two or more fittings together. It can be destinguished by its male end or ends that will fitt snuggly into the female end of another fitting of the same diameter. They or sometimes used to simplify a connection, to make a connection in a tight or unusual spot, and to change direction. A street fitting can be an ell (elbow), a tee, an adapter, etc.

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