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cakes for my wedding or cake ideas for my wedding


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Citron, Vanilla and lemon are just three of the common flavors that are used for wedding cakes. However, they say that you should go with the flavor you like. Strawberry filling also works well.

It is tradition for the bride's name to go first on a wedding invitation. The wedding invitation should also include the groom's name, the location and date and time of the ceremony.

Not every wedding guest will appreciate your floral arrangements or choice in a wedding DJ. But, every guest will remember how your cake tasted, so go for taste and appearance.

Ummm..... Some selected outfits, Fancy wedding cakes, The earth I could go on for ages.

Hint: look at the name."Jaffa Cakes"Due to the tax on chocalate biscuits in the UK, the makers of Jaffa Cakes initiated a legal battle to prove that jaffas were cakes, not biscuits. They baked a cake sized Jaffa, and proved that they go hard when stale. (biscuits go soft when stale, cakes go hard.)

500$ i was godly go to walmart and ask the clerk they are the best ceapest cakes

As far as wedding aniverseries go, they end at the 60th year known as The Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

It would depend on the type of cake, how many tiers, if it has some exquisite design or if it has some special request. Wedding cakes go for anything from 100$ - 1,000$; then the baker gets profit.

Outside of the traditional flavors, which never go out of style, there are flavors that are becoming more popular or trendy. They include fruity flavors like passion fruit, mango, pineapple and marionberry and other more unusual flavors like pistachio and coconut. Even more trendy is using variations of the traditional vanilla, chocolate, berry, butter and lemon cakes and using a variety of fruity fillings. Carrot cakes are also trendy. Popular this year are lemon, lime, and orange flavoured wedding cakes as well as chocolate, almond and fresh fruit in season.

Jaffa Cakes are cakes because they go hard when they are stale where as biscuits go soft. this has been proven on tv shows such as Qi

You can go to the photography center. They not only specialize in pictures but also have connections to wedding favors. It is all an intertwined network.

* The bride's name goes on the wedding invitations first because her father is giving her away to his future son-in-law and it's an old tradition dating back centuries when a dowry (gifts from the bride's father) would be given to the groom. The parents of the bride also pay for most of the wedding.

Yes, you can rent your wedding dress. Go to several wedding shop rentals to find the wedding dress you prefer. Also, men's tuxes can be rented as well as can be the maid of honor and bridesmaids.

Even if you have bought a wedding shower gift and have been invited to the wedding you should also give the bride and groom a gift.Personalised wedding portrait from photo.

yes go to Canada for Fat Cakes. No the person above me is just messing with you. Fat cakes are sno balls wrapped in a packet that says Fat Cakes

Cakes go stale because they are made with more miosture than the air so they release moisture, and go hard.

sour cream does not go in al cakes though...

A cake rack is used for holding cakes! Big cakes and small cakes can go on a cake rack. So its used for holding cakes. There are different kinds of cake racks - some for little fairy cakes and some for big birthday cakes.

Go to Fresno wedding BlogSpot and it shows some very unique wedding ideals. Any decor choice or theme. The wedding channel also shows unique ideals for any season.

Fruit cakes and Christmas are a tridtion for everyone to do, they just go well together.

lamb cakes, they go together like lamb and tuna fish.

Because if you were in a freezer you may freeze its the same as cakes then.

If your husband cannot go and is in agreement and the friend was also invited to the wedding then there is nothing wrong with going with them. However, if your friend was not invited to the wedding then you should either go with a couple you know or another single guest that you know.

You can have weddings anywhere. If you're a Catholic, then it is expected that you choose church wedding. If not, you can have wedding garden decoration in Hong Kong. You can also go for destination weddings offered by One Heart Wedding Planner.

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