Caste System

What name is given to a Hindu of the highest caste?

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What caste is the last name kahali?

hindu brahmin

What caste is the Indian name mehra belong to?

Hindu Khatri of North India

What is the name of a Member of lowest Hindu caste?

Among hindus members of the lowest caste are commonly reffed to by the term dalit which means

Where did the name Hindu come from?

Hindu name was created / given by the British when they went to India for exploration. Hind name was given to the area, Indian region. Hindu is a person living or borne in India, or Indian Region. Hindu is not a religion as often thought. (by: Ash)

Name the highest peak of Hindu kush?

Tirich Mir

What is the name given to the Hindu birth celebration?

Namkaran is the name given to the Hindu birth celebration. Namkaran is a Sanskrit word. It means Nam for Name and Karan for Create in Sanskrit.

What is the caste of people having surname birajdar?

People with Birajdar as last name are found in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh and some other south indian states. The majority of the caste belong to Hindu Lingayat. The surname can also be found in Hindu Maratha caste as well.

Legally what will be the caste of the child born of inter caste marriage?

In Hindu culture and social system the child is known by its father name and cast no matter from where his or her mother belongs to. Allthough in Hindu intercast marrige is not allowed or accepted normally

Surname lal belongs to which caste?

LAL surname does not determine caste it is sometimes used as a middle name. It also used by KAYASTHA caste who are high caste according to the hindu caste system i.e between brahmins and kshatriyas caste. It also used by Punjabis/ sikhs as Lall or Lal

What is the name given to a Hindu Priest?

a pandit pronounced (pundit)

Is salman's mother Hindu?

Her name is Helen Khan and she became Muslim

What is the name given to the island that separates Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Hindu kush

Is Aiswarya a Hindu name?

Yes, it is. It means "wealth", and originated in India. It is a name given to females.

What is the name given to the Hindu cycle of life death and rebirth?

it is called reincarnation

Meaning of name seema?

Seema is a given name for a female. It is of Hindu origin. The meaning of the name Seema is limit.

What does the name subhashri mean?

The name Subhashri is generally given to Hindu girl. This name means GOOD and BEAUTIFUL.

What is the meaning of the name reshika?

Reshika is a given name for a female. It is of Hindu origin. The meaning of the name Reshika is silken.

Why is Hinduism called Hinduism?

The correct name for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma.The British named it Hinduism from the name Hindu. The name Hindu comes from the river SindhuoMoreover the name Hindu is given by those peoples who came to India through Himalayan ways and by the Persians who visited India.-the name or word Hindu is derived from the name of the river Indus.

What is the name given to the traditional division of Indian society?

The caste system. They call it the varnashrama dharma.

Is Neal Bhatt Muslim or Hindu?

Neal Bhatt is a name mostly given to the Hindus.

What is the meaning of the name Vyom?

Vyom is a masculine Hindu given name. It is Sanskrit in origin and means "space or universe".

What does the name Preeya mean?

Preeya is a short form of Priyanka a female given name in Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

What religion is last name kathrani from?

kathrani surname is an indian surname. kathrani means a hindu and sub-caste is lohana coming under gujaratis.

Are people with the surname Nanji scheduled caste and is it a Hindu name?

Nanji is a first name and not a caste name. It means 'the young one'. 'Nanhe' in Hindi/Urdu and 'Unni' in Malayalam. Gujaratis add father's name to a persons name, so a person could be Hiralal Nanji (Hiralal the son of Nanji). In that case it would seem like a surname, but the full name of the person could be Hiralal Nanji Garodia, Garodia being the caste name.

What is the name given to the highest sounding string instrument?

The violin is the highest pitched string instrument.

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