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The Union was the name given to the states that remained loyal in the Civil War.

Before the war, these had no special significance as a group. All states simply belonged to the USA.

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What was the name of the confederate and union Civil War?

The civil war was the name of the war?

What states were union in the civil war?

The union states were the northern states

What is another name for the union in the civil war?

Other names for the Union were the Republic or simply the United States.

How are the civil war and the union related?

The Union was the name given to that part of the United States that had not joined the Confederacy.

Union states in civil war?

The Union states in the Civil War were the states in the north. These states fought for the freedom of slaves.

What did the Union stand for in the civil war?

The Union was the official name of the United States government during the civil war. It stood for the portion of the United States fighting to abolish slavery.

How many states were in the union before the civil war?

During the civil war there were 24 states in the union including the border states. but there was 23 states that remained loyal to the union during the war.

What was another name for the union?

If by union you mean the country in post civil war times, The confederate states of America

What is another name for the Union during the Civil War?

The United States of America instead of the Confederate States or the North.

What was the name of the northern states during the US Civil War?

The were called the Union or the Federalists.

How many States were in the Union before the start of the US Civil War?

There were 34 States in the Union when the Civil War began.

Definition of union territories?

In the American Civil War this was the name of the territories which were not claimed by states which had joined the breakaway Confederate States.

What name was given to the northern states?

During The American Civil War, Northern states were called The Union as they remained in The UnitedStates of America.

Who was America in war with in the Civil War?

The war was between the US states that withdrew(seceded) from the federal union of the United States and those who stayed in the union.

What are the name of the northern states during Civil War?

The northern states were called The United States Of America, or The Union. The south was called the Confederate States Of America.

What states were admitted into the Union after World War I?

Alaska and Hawaii were the only states to be admitted into the Union after World War I, both in 1959.

How may states were in the union during the civil war?

Their were 21 states in the union, that's including the border states.

How many states were Union states during the American Civil War?

Twenty-five states made up the Union during the civil war. These include five slaves states that were referred to as border states. Nevada and West Virginian became states during the Civil War and joined with the Union states.

Did the Americans win the American Civil War?

The war was between the Confederate States of America, the states that seceded from the Union, and the United States of America, otherwise known as the Confederacy and the Union. The union won the war after four years of the bloodiest war in American history.

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