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Q: What name was given to the English republic?
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The Bear Flag Republic was the name given to?

Republic of California

What is the name of the Dominican Republic?

República Dominicana (spanish) or Dominican Republic in English.

What was the name given to the republic of America in 1920?


What Was the Name Given to the German republic in 1919 - 1933?

The German Republic of 1919-1933 is nicknamed the Weimar Republic.

What is the name for the republic of Ireland?

In English the Republic of Ireland; in the Irish language An Phoblacht na hÉireann.

What was the name given to China by Mao Zedong?

People's Republic of China

What is Afghanistan's official name in English?

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

What is the English full name for Germany?

Federal Republic of Germany

What is the English translation of the Dominican Republic Name Jesus?


What oyther name is given to the Republic of Ireland?

eire or the emerald isle

What is the name given to a country without a king or queen?

i think its a republic

What is India's official name?

The official name of India is Republic of India. This is one of the highest populated nations in the Asian continent.