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A republic versus a constitutional monarchy.

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Q: What are the differences between American and English government?
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What the reasons for the differences between American and British English?

The main reasons for the differences between American and British English are historical development, geographical isolation, cultural influences, and language evolution. These factors have led to variations in vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and usage between the two varieties of English.

What are some differences between Japanese and American government?

Japan does not heve executive legislative or judicial power

What are the differences between the Canadian and American systems of government specifically?

look for another person to answer this question by lil loco

Do Americans have the same language as English people?

We are a united people, divided by a common language. English and American has developed according to the countries needs. There are as many similarities and there are differences. We claim to understand each other

Similarities and differences between American and Haitian Revolutions?

In Haiti it was a Slave Revolt while the American Revolution was a political revolt against the government of the United Kingdom.

What are the differences between Canadian English and American English?

There is really not much difference between Canadian English and American English except that some words are spelt differntly and there is different slang too. The English language originated in Europe and when colonists came to Canada and the U.S.A they started developing into what we know today as modern English.

What differences are there between American English and Canadian English in punctuation and grammar?

One main difference between American English and Canadian English in punctuation is the use of single vs. double quotation marks for direct speech. In American English, double quotation marks are more common, while in Canadian English, single quotation marks are often used. In terms of grammar, Canadian English tends to follow British English more closely, using British spellings and certain grammatical preferences such as the use of "whilst" instead of "while". Additionally, Canadian English may feature more influence from French language, particularly in Quebec.

What are the differences between Australian government and Afghanistan government?

the corruption

What is the most important differences between a democratic republic and british government of the American revolution?

A Democratic Republican was in favor of individual freedom foremost, and was less worried about government.

What are the differences between American revolutionary war and the civil war?

A revolution is a fight between a government and its people. A civil war is a war between people against people within the country.

What are the main phonological differences between American English and british English?

Some of the main phonological differences between American English and British English include the pronunciation of certain vowels. For example, American English tends to pronounce the 'r' sound at the end of words, while British English often drops this sound. Additionally, there are differences in the pronunciation of certain vowel sounds, such as the 'a' sound in words like "dance" (American English typically pronounces it as "æ", while British English uses a softer "a"). There are also variations in stress patterns and intonation between the two dialects.

If you study English Literature in a US university do you study in British English or American English with different spelling?

If the tutors are American, they will teach in American English, but when quoting British-English literature they will retain the grammar, vocabulary and spellings of the original quotation, i.e. British-English.American textbooks on English Literature will instruct using American-English idioms and vocabulary.English Literature textbooks published in the UK will use British-English idioms and vocabulary, grammar and spellings.If you are neither American nor English, you may feel confused by the differences between these two forms of English. There are differences, but you will soon come to understand and appreciate both forms and realise that the differences are, in reality, relatively insignificant.There are a few spelling and grammar differences, and rather more differences in the vocabulary and idioms used. Pronunciation will also be different, but even within countries regional accents vary among native speakers.Studying/learning in either form should not be a problem.