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A Northerner who sympathized with the South in the Civil War was known as a Copperhead.

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Who shot first in the American Civil War The North or the South?

The South fired the first shot in the American Civil War.

American Civil War in South Carolina?

yes the African American civil war regiment

Did a Yankee soldier and a union soldier fight for the same side?

Yes, a Yankee soldier and a union soldier fought on the same side in the American Civil War (1861-65). The term "Yankee" was used by southerners to denote someone from the north, or the union. In this case, "Union" and "Yankee" mean the same thing. Nobody knows why the South ever came up with that term, though.

What was the soldiers in the south called in the civil war?

The soldiers who fought for the South, in the American Civil War were called, "rebels."

Who fought in the American Civil War?

The north of America and the south...

Did president roosevelt help get civil rights for African Americans?

he was afraid of upsetting white democratic voters in the south, an important segment of his supporters.

What side did many American Indians take in the Civil War-?

In the South American Indians took in the Civil War. This was the 1st time in history.

Who were the two sides of the American Civil War?

The north and the south. The north was against slavery, and the south was for it.

Why did the American Civil War end?

Because the south gave up.

What European countries was the south hoping to get support from?

By the South, I assume you are referring to the American Civil War. The South was trying to get support from Europe (such as the UK for example) to aid them in the war. However, Europe never got involved in the American Civil War.

Who were slavery supporters?

Democrats/ The south

Why did the North invade the South in the American Civil War?

The South started the war by attacking Fort Sumter.

Who was in the American Civil War battle?

the north and south. north was called the union and the south was called the confederacy

What was the leading crop raised in the South at the time of the Civil War?

Cotton was "king" at the time of the American Civil War.

Did the South win the Civil War?

No, victory to the American Civil War was conceded to the Union (also known as the North).

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