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Q: What nation was blamed for starting the world war 1?
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Was chamberlain responsible for starting World War 2?

No - Hitler was blamed for starting the war.

How did World War 1 hurt Germany's nation?

They were blamed for starting the war after the Versailles treaty and the Paris Peace Treaty. After the war, they had to pay for all of the damages that they caused in Europe, which cause their economy to be greatly effected.

What things was Hitler blamed for?

Antisemitism,the starting of world war 2,millions of jews killed

What country was blamed for war world 1?

Germany was blamed for starting World wasr 1. They sunk the Lusitania and sent the Zimmerman telegram, which was intercepted by the United States. Hi.

Who is blamed for starting the Trojan war?


What group nation did the nye committee blame for us involment in World War 1?

The Nye Committee blamed arms-makers for encouraging the war to increase their own sales. They also blamed Woodrow Wilson.

Why was World War 1 blamed on World War 2?

World War I was not blamed on World War II because World War I happened first. Rather, World War II was blamed on World War I, because WWI destroyed the German economy and made Hitler's message of national unity and triumph attractive to the average German.

What are short term reasons Russia joined the war?

they were blamed for starting the war

Which nation did Germany invade in1939 starting World War 2?


Did Austria Hungary get blamed for starting to war with the treaty of Versailles?


Who is the woman blamed for starting the trojan war?

Helen of Troy

Who did President Wilson blame for World War 1?

President Wilson blamed Germany for World War 1.