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Germany, Italy and Japan

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The allied powers during World War 1 were Britain, France, and Russia. Many of these nations plotted against Germany during the war, causing them to side with the United States.

the group of nations, led at the outset by Britain, France, and Russia that were allied to fight against the Central Powers during the Great War.United States, Soviet Union and the British Empire were the main Allies.

During World War I, France was, indeed, a member of the Triple Alliance (or, Triple Entente). One of the most powerful nations of that alliance, France both entered the war and ended the war as a leader in the fight against the Central Powers.

There were about 26 countries during WWI.

an alliance of Allied nations who fought against Germany and other Central powers during World war 1

South Africa was on the side of the Allies; major allied nations included Britian, France, Rusisa, the United States, Canada and Australia

During the Russian/Japanese War of 1904; Russia was allied (friends) with France and Germany, albeit France/Germany were not active participants of that particular war. Britain WAS allied to Japan during that war, but again, not an active participant. If anyone of those above nations had entered the fray, Britain would have entered the war on Japan's side (against Russia).

Nations allied to the US during WW II were England, France, Russia, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

allied powers during world war 1 were france, japan, usa, uk,italy

The United States, Britain, France, eventually Russia, Australia, much of Africa that wasn't under Axis control.

The following countries were part of the Axis Forces that the Allied Forces fought to free the rest of Europe and Africa. They fought against Japan and a few Asian nations too. The Allied Forces were victorious over the Axis Forces nations.Axis Nations:Bulgaria · Croatia · Finland · Germany · Hungary · Iraq · Italy · Italian Social Republic · Japan · Manchukuo · Romania · Slovakia · Thailand · Vichy France

Great Britain, France, and Russia

No, France was not one of the Allies during WWII. France was occupied by the Nazis until invaded by the Allied armies.

In both WWI and WWII Russia allied with Great Britain, France, and the United States.

France became allied with the Patriots.

The nations that helped Israel during the 1956 war was UK and France.

allies US-UK-Canada-Australia-New Zealand-France-Poland-Belgium-Holland axis Germany Italy Bulgaria japan

Italy fought with the axis powers during world war 2. And was against the allied powers, which consisted of Britain, France, and America.

During WW I the US allied itself to the Triple Entente (England, France, and Russia) and fought against the Central Powers (Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire).

The allied invasion of France took place at Normandy. It took place during World War Two and was the largest amphibious attack ever.

Yes France had colonies during World War 2. Some of the colonies joined the Vichy Free French and some joined the axis forces (via the Vichy Free French). Most of the French Colonies chose to go against France once the Nazis took over France and the Vichy Free French was formed. They allied themselves with the Allied Forces instead. The colonies were French-Indochina (Viet Nam - allied with the Allied Forces); Chad, French Congo and Gabon (went with the Free French) Guadeloupe, Martinique of the West Indies and French Guiana joined the Free French in 1943 Syria, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco were under Vichy French control until the Allied Forces liberated them, then they allied with the Allied Forces. French Polynesia joined the Vichy French right away French North Africa, French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa allied themselves with the Free French Forces under General Charles De Gaulle and they fought with the Allied forces against the Germans.

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