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What native tribes did the original American colonists interact with?

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Depends on what you mean by "original American colonists." Columbus encountered on Hispaniola people called Arawaks. The two native groups living closest to Jamestown were called "Paspeheans and Chiconamians" by the governor, meaning Paspaheghs and Chickahominies.

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yes. they set up prayer towns and eventually ended up destroying the native American civilizatons there.

Interactions at first were peaceful between the colonists and the Native Americans. The Native Americans helped the colonists adjust to life in the Americas and taught them what kind of crops to plant.

Colonists we taught by the Native Americans on how to plant corn, beans, and pumpkins and where to hunt and fish. Colonists traded iron pots, blankets, and guns for the Native Americans' furs. Colonists and The Native Americans competed for the land and then finally war broke out in 1636.

which mountain range separed colonists from many Native American nations?

To be a native American you must have relatives that trace back to the original Americans. To be a native American you must have relatives that trace back to the original Americans.

Coronado mistreated native Americans for one thing he strangled a native American

The American colonists deceived the Native Americans in the first few centuries after arriving on North America by pretending to be friends with them and then massacring their tribes.

They traded food for beads and copper. The Native Americans taught the Europe colonists how to grow crops.

the native americans helped the english but the english betrayed them and enslaved them.

The original language for caribou is Native American

The colonists were taking and clearing land that was the Native American's hunting grounds. At first the Native Americans were peaceful and made treaties with the colonists, but after the colonists just kept expanding, the Native Americans knew that had to fight for their land.

The colonists didnâ??t want to follow the Native American ways for farming or hunting. Instead they wanted to use the native hunting land for farming, and plant crops from their homelands.

The early colonists viewed native Americans as nuisance. They bought the native American people's lands at low cost and left them with lands farther from the colonies.

They didn't get along because the British colonists were always expanding out west into native American territory.

The Native Americans in the Maryland area were acctually very friendly with the colonists. There were few and far spread conflicts between Native Americans and colonists in Maryland, overall.

Hernando Cortes came in contact with the Aztecs.

European colonists had other uses for the land.

As more colonists settled in New England,they began to take more Native American land

Yes, usually by using signs as many tribes had their own language.

prohibiting marriage betweeen Spanish colonists and Native women.

Metacorn led the Native American attack on colonists in New England in 1675.

It was Metacom, who was also known as King Phillip.