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What needs do you need to be a vet?


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a four year (bachebr degree) plus four year of vet school

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If you mean a wildlife vet, you need the same amount of schooling that any veterinarian needs, which is to go through vet school.

Yes, a vet needs to see your pup. He will check him/her over for any problems that your pup may have.

you need maths to become a vet because you need to be able to add how many mililtres of moriphine, antiboiotics etc. an animal needs and stuff like that

It is highly unlikely. The joint needs putting and possibly fixing back into place, exactly as a human would need. The dog needs a vet.

No just medicine call the vet to see what it needs

well for a dog it needs to go to the vet every year or every month but when it goes to the vet you need to be rick get prepared to pay 30 pounds!!!!!

If you don't have money for the vet, then any animal you have that needs to see a vet will not get the proper treatment, and you just have to wait and see if your animal survives or not or makes it through whatever it needs to see the vet for.

to be a vet u need 850 points, a docter 975 and a mcdonalds person needs 2 !!!!!!!!

I think you need to take the rabbit to the vet. The hip needs to be put back in again the way it was. Only a vet would know how to do this safely.

If that's happening, you need to take your pig to the vet RIGHT AWAY. it needs help NOW. If you wait too long, they could starve and die. you NEED to get to the vet ASAP.

You need to take your cat in to your local vet. It could be a serious matter that needs to be looked at.

i think you do need one to become a vet.

i am a vet and the qualifications you need is expierence loving with animals.

how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet yofyfyufikliuop[;'#

They should be 4 months. What shots your rabbit needs depends on where you live -- they may not need any shots at all. If you have a rabbit, speak with your rabbit-savvy vet about what shots your rabbit needs and when.

a vet need's a profetional vet to train with

You need to take your dog into your Veterinarian to check him or her out. This is a medical problem and needs to be addressed by your Vet only.

yes, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible that is a definite sign that he is sick and needs medical attention!

You can tell if the dog needs to go to the vet if it might be showing signs that its is weak or the dog might not be its usual self.

Dear Person,listen to the vet!They are always right and know what needs to be done!Hope that helps ya!!

If you buy a good name brand of puppy food it will get all the nutritional needs it needs if there`s a sign of your puppy not growing(keep a check on its weight) you will need to go to the vet.

You need a vet medicine degree, and 8+ years of college.

After normal schooling he needs 7 years in the UK. That's two more years than a doctor.

That is not really normal, it needs to see a vet or you just need to give it medicine, because it probably has diarrhea.

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