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Q: What neighboring states lost territory to the German empire?
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How did the Ottoman gain land for their empire?

The Ottoman Empire expanded by conquering territory from neighboring states. In some cases, such as the Byzantine Empire (and all of its Despotates), the Sultante of Rum, the Empire of Trebizond, the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, and several Balkans States, were entirely consumeed by the Ottoman Empire. Others such as the Hungarian Empire and Romania were not entirely conquered but lost some lands.

How did the Assyrian's create an empire?

The Assyrians created an empire through rapacious and vicious CONQUEST of neighboring states.

What empire was most associated having control of central Europe?

the german empire

Is Prussia Germany's ancestral nation?

German joined Prussia and Austria in the newly-formed German Confederation, a replacement to the now obsolete Holy Roman Empire. When the Franco-Prussian War took place Prussia gained the territory of Alsace-Lorraine when they beat France. The war caused German states to consolidate into a unified German nation, which was the German Empire.

Who did the United states declare war on in 1917?

The German Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

How did Prussia's actions strengthen the German states?

By dominating the German states via wars and diplomacy created a path of a union of states known as the North German Confederation and later the German Empire.

How did US contribute to the defeat of Nazi Germany?

The United States led Allied forces in an invasion of German territory in Western Europe.

What effect nationalism have on the German states and the Austrian empire?

It helped unite Germany but divided the Austrian Empire.

What are California's neighboring states?

California's neighboring states are Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

What modern states cover territory that was part of ottoman empire in 1648?

read a book

What was one of the new nation-states that emerged from former German and Soviet territory?

Poland was recreated from German and Russian land.

What war created the modern states of Europe?

1 world war that finish german empire and otoman empire