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there is mirage,brains,silverbolt,einstein?,sentinal prime,leadfoot,roadbuster,and,topspin

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Q: What new Autobots will be in the third Transformers movie?
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Who will be in the new transformers 3 movie?

for autobots, i think everyone from transformers 2 except Jetfire and for decepticons, i think megatron, starscream,some decepticon minions,and soundwave.

Is there going to be new autobots and decepticons in transformers 4?

No one knows that, but I bet there will be.

Who are the new autobots in transformers?

There is Jetfire, Mudflap, Skids, Arcee, Chromia, Flareup, Sideswipe.

Names of all the transformers revenge of the fallen?

Go to Wikipedia and type in Transformers 2 or Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. there is a character list for humans, Autobots, and Decepticons. most links will have pictures. (Pictures for the new movie usually will be towards the bottom.

Are decepticons bigger than autobots?

Back then, yes they were bigger and stronger than autobots. But every next generation, the autobots kept expanding new autobots to help fight off against the decepticons. And now they formed an alliance with humans on Earth to destroy the decepticons before the decepticons can destroy them. In every new generation, the autobots kept getting more waves of new autobots and now they are getting even more powerful than the decepticons. The decepticons have less allies than the autobots and are getting smaller and much weaker than the autobots. In every new generation of Transformers, new autobots always kept joining and joining and getting bigger and stronger than the decepticons. See Transformers and find out how allies of the autobots grow!

How many transformers are there going to be in the new movie?

transformers autobots optimus prime,bumblebee,ironhide,ratchet,rc twins,Mudflap and Skids,dale jr,hot rod,sideswipe,dinobots transformers decepticons megatron,starscream,shockwave,soundwave,devastator,

Are any decepticons from transformers 3 still alive?

no but some decepticions come back to life by unicorns powers and weapons in transformers 4 like megatron who turns to galvatron and unicorns menions help galvatron and unicorn fight the autobots again so watch transformers 4 to see who wins or see if its not over yet but remember its between some new autobots and old autobots and the new decepticions

Can you list all the vehicle forms in transformers autobots on ds?

You just look for new cars, helicopters and scan them.

Why is shia lebouf not in the new transformers movie?

Shia Lebouf was not asked to return to the New Transformers movie.

What are the names of the new Autobots in Transformers 2?

Skids and mudflap (twins) Sideswipe Arcee Chromia Elita-1 Jolt

What is the newer Transformers called?

The new Transformers movie is called Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Whats the name of the song on transformers when sam mikaela are watching the autobots crash into earth?

its new divide- linkin park on my-space

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