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There were a number of new features added to Google Maps in 2008.

On April 2, 2008, Google added contour lines to the Terrain view.

On July 15, 2008, walking directions were added.

For full list see related links for list of all documented new features.

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Why is there a 3D option for Google Maps but not Google Earth?

From Street View in Google Maps while viewing a panorama pressing the letter "t" or the number "3" enables 3D mode.This feature, however, is not yet implemented in Google Earth simply because Google decided to first implement the stereoscopic 3D feature in Google Maps presumably because there is a lot more users of Google Maps than Google Earth. With enough demand the Google Earth developers may add this to a future version of Google Earth.

How do you add sound to a Google Docs presentation?

Google Docs presentations do not offer this feature.

Can you download Google Earth to your website?

not at the moment, but you can put a screenshot of Google maps onto your website. to add a Google maps screenshot to your site, go to Google maps, find the location you want to add to your site, click the chain under the search bar, then put the embed code onto your your site, and then you're done!

How do you put the company address on Google Maps?

One method to add your business listing to Google Maps and Google Earth is creating a record in Google Places. See related link below for details.

How do you add grafitti to Google maps?

I dont know figure it out yourself!

What is the best GPS App?

Google maps by far, free easy to use and accurate. apple made an agreement recently to add their gps function to google maps app.

How hard is it to add GPS functions to a laptop computer?

You can add Google maps to get a basic GPS feature on your laptop but if you're trying to get into more detailed functions and features than it should depend on the software that you're using. Some laptops come with this feature built into them. But once again the type of software you use is the key.

How do you add a printer on Google Docs?

When you add a printer to your publishing 'toolkit', regardless of the software you're using, you add it as hardware, not as software. Google docs receives its information about your printer from the operating system feature in charge of the list of devices you have added to your computer's 'toolkit'.

How much does it cost to add your business to Google Maps?

Nothing. It simple just follow the instruction and pray that you can get on the map. It takes work with you Google Plus account and your website but it's FREE.

I created a website and i used Google maps to be used in my website to help users to locate their places but they can't add a place-mark as in Google maps how shall i solve the problem?

First login an account on google map Set Work location or home location according to business Click save.

How do you block sites in Google Chrome?

Blocking sites is not an inbuilt feature in this browser. Various add-ons can do the work of blocking sites.

Add pinch to zoom on Google Chrome on MacBook like Safari?

Many people are waiting for this feature to be available on Google Chrome, but Google hasn't said anything about it yet. What you can do to suggest this feature is going to Options>>Tools>>Report an Issue. Now, let them know you'd like Pinch-to-Zoom (like Safari) to be available on Google Chrome.

How to add place in Google Maps?

Simply go to Google Places to sign-up (see link below). To have the most effective listing you can, see the Lucidica Top 10 Tips for Google Places in the related links below.

How can you edit Google Maps?

Google provides a new map application called Google Map Maker to edit the roads, labels, and add/move placemarks.If accepted, your edits/changes to Google's base map will eventually be reflected in Google Maps and Earth. The turn-around is much faster than filling out the 'Report a problem'form.To use it click the related link below.

How do you add image at Google Earth?

In Google Earth select Add > Image Overlay in the menu then select an image file to overlay onto the ground.You can set the transparency level and position the image on the map.If, however, you want to add geo-tagged photos that become publically displayed in Google Earth and Google Maps then you can publish them to the Panoramio web site. You can request that it be published to Google Photo layer. For details check out the Panoramio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Can you use Siri with Google Maps?

Yes, simply ask for directions as you normally would but add "in transit". For example: "Give me directions to Walmart, in transit." A screen will come up with all the available navigation apps you have installed, find Google Maps and tap Route. Siri will then show your route in the selected app.

What is a feature used to add identifying information to a spreadsheet?

the feature used to add identifying information to a spreadsheet is a Header-Footer.

Show you the shape of Norway in world atlas?

I have no atlas here, and WikiAnswers won't let us add images.But you can find it on Google maps, see related link.

Can you add a Google icon to your toolbar?

Yes, you could add a Google Icon to the toolbar. Adding a bookmark will add it to the toolbar.

What is the distance between Indianapolis and London England?

You should set up a google account, then add the distance measurement tool mapplet. (search: distance measurement tool mapplet on Google) then open google maps and use the tool to measure the distance between London and Indianapolis. easy as pie

How do you add Google reader using Google Chrome?

Google reader can be added as an Add-on with Chrome. It could be downloaded off the chrome web browser.

How-to add Google talk to your account?

Download Google talk

Does having add-ons slow a PC down?

Technically. Sometimes, it actually warns you that it will cause problems, like with firefox, the manager tells you if an add-on is "known to cause issues." All I know is that if your browser is slowing down, check your add-ons and disable anything that seems useless for your browser. For an example, if you never use google maps/earth much, just disable the google earth add-on. Or if you installed skype you can disable the skype add-on.

How can someone add a site to Google using their tools?

You can add a website to Google by using tools available from Google such as the AdWords Keyword Tool. You can also submit your website to Google for optimization.

How do you add Google Chrome as a permitted program in your firewall?

Go to control panel, firewall, and add google chrome