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What new technologies were used in World War 2?

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Cruise missles, ballistic missles, jet aircraft and rocket aircraft were all used by Germany, Britain introduced radar to warfare and nuclear weapons were employed by the US.

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What new technologies were used in world war you?

The first use of gas in a war was used in world war one.

What new technologies used in world war 1 carried over to world war 2?

machine guns

Technologies used in World War 2?

well, the microwave was invented, the radio, and new guns

Which new tecnolygy was used in World War 1?

There were lots of new technologies used in World War I. Tanks, airplanes, modern machine guns, poison gas, telephones and radios are a few examples.

What new technologies were used in World War 2 by the US?

Radar, jets, rockets, Atom Bomb, Penicillin

What new technologies were used in war in Mesopotamia?

The horse-drawn chariot .

Which World War 1 technologies were most effective?

Of course (while not entirely new) the proliferation of the machine gun forced the type of warfare that ensued.

What were some New Technologies of war in world war 1?

the anwer is ak 47s rockets launchers

What new technologies were used in World War I?

New technologies used in World War 1 include: - Planes used in combat; improvements with bombers and forward-mounted guns - Armored tanks - Chemical warfare; chlorine and mustard gas - Bolt-action rifles - Anti-aircraft weapons - Flamethrowers - Dreadnoughts and other battle ships - Experimental dirigibles and lighter-than-air aircraft

What were five new technologies and weapons of war used during world war 1?

Machine guns, trucks, planes, mortars, and telegrams. These are the first five that come to mind.

How did the new technology affect the casualties in World War 1?

Some of the new technologies of World War I led to devastating casualties. These new weapons included machine guns and poison gas.

What new military technologies emerge from world war 1?

air surveying, air bombing and war tanks emerged

What new technologies were invented to help the war effort in World War 2?

the jeep and the bouncing bomb and radar was developed (your welcome)

What was going on in the 1940s that led to the development of new technologies?

World War 2 had a huge effect on technology.

What were the new technologies of the cold war?

the Internet

What technologies were invented in World War 1?

Chemicals/submarines/trench warfare/and machine guns were NOT new. The tank was new; and the propeller driven airplane used in air to air combat (dog-fighting) was new.

What was created after World War 1?

New technologies were made. There were new weapons such as Tanks, Cannons, Submarines, Chemical Gas, and Military Airplanes.

How was new technology used to overcome the problems of trench warfare?

During World War I, new technologies of all sorts were utilized to overcome the problems of trench warfare. Poisonous gases, special "assault group" tactics, highly concentrated artillery barrages, and armored fighting vehicles (or, tanks) were just some of the new technologies used during the conflict.

What were Some of the new technology in world war 1?

World War I is significant because it marked the debut of many new types of weapons and was the first huge war to benefit from technological advances in radio, electrical power, and other technologies

What were some of the new technologies used during World War 1 explain the reason for them?

Notable ones were tanks and chemical warfare. 'Tanks' were named for that which they were disguised as - water tanks. Chemicals used in the First World War were gases that blinded, blistered, and killed (mustard and chlorine gases).

How did advancements in technology differentiate World War Two from World War I?

The new technologies of World War Two created new weapons that for the most part not available in World War One. For example:* jet airplane* rockets* improved tanks* better regular fighter planes and bombers* the atomic bomb

What was the result of all the new technologies introduced during world war 1?

They allowed Germany to take France easily

What extent have new technologies changed the world?

i think the technologies is a way for a young let

What new technologies effected the civil war?

Cannons were being used which made it very hard for the opposing army to get in to battle.

Why did world war 1 affect the teenagers?

Teenagers were eager to serve for their country and enlisted in the war. Unlike the previous wars, new technologies such as the machine gun killed people by the thousands. They soon realized after joining that war wasn't how it used to be, and it was terrible and horrorfying.

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