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What new technology was used in the US Civil War?

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Iron Clads- Battle ships that had iron plating;

The Gatling gun- could fire 600 round a minuets; and

The rifle- the first drilled bore gun that was designed to curve the bullet and fire mini balls that expanded as the went through the barrel.

Also, the extensive use of torpedoes. And even the birth of the submarine for sea battles along with the revolving turret used on monitor style battle ships. Balloons were also used for reconnaissance.

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What kinds of new technology were used during the Civil War?

the Gatling gun and the iron clads were the newest technology in the civil war

What were some new technology used during the civil war and their description?

Civil War Technology led historians to call the American Civil War the first modern war because of the array of new technology with which it was fought. The new technology ranged from weapons to cameras and telegraphs to tin cans. New weapons allowed soldiers to be more effective, but this new technology also meant that more soldiers were killed.

What new technology used during the civil war considerably changed the nature of combat?

Rifle-barrelled artillery

What is the name of the book that deals with technology and the Civil War?

The book is Trial by Fire: Science Technology and the Civil War by Charles D.Ross.In Trial by Fire, Charles covers the applications of science and technology in the Civil War. He addresses the applications of existing technology to support combat forces and the applications of new technology to combat.

What was the new technology that enabled families to learn more about the Civil War?

The telegraph?

What was the new technology during the civil war?

There were many new technologies used in the Civil war. They included the blockades, total war, new gun designs, use of the telegraph for quick communication while in battle, submarines,land mines, grenades, observation balloons, repeating guns, and ironclads. Most of these were not used very often.

When did Hitler and Mussolini test some of their new military technology?

the spanish civil war

How did new technology change how wars were fought during the civil war?

new technology in the Civil War made long-range fighting common.Railroad and telegraphs changed how generals made battlefield decisions.At sea the battle of the ironclad ships also changed warfare.

What made the civil war America's first modern war?

new technology(better guns) that could shoot farther and deadlier.

How did new technology change everyday life in America during the Civil War?

It didn't. Michael Montagne

What new technology new to the civil war made it possible for bullets to travel faster and further?

The rifled musket and Minié ball.

How was new technology used in world war 1?

i have no ideas about past..... :(

What new technology was used in World War 2 THAT you still used today?


Which describes the effect of new military technology on the Civil War?

i need help its chapter 15 social studies :(

Why was new technology used in world war 1?

Better weapons give a military advantage, so if you want to win a war you are always looking for new and better technology.

What new technology was used during the Hundred Years War?

the English longbow

What new technology was introduced in the civil war?

Ironclad ships, landmines, submarines, observation balloons, repeating guns, and grenades.

How was technology an advantage for the North in the US Civil War?

Generally speaking, both the Union and Confederate troops had access to the technology used in the US Civil War. Repeating and breech loading rifles, ironclad warships, telegraphed communications were all available either bought from Europe or built in Union armaments factories. The single much talked about "new" weapon was the Gatling Gun, the first type of machine gun developed by the North. There is rarely, however, mention of this weapon as being crucial to the outcome of battles. The technology of the rotating gun turret on Monitor type war vessels, was new technology, but once again not a determining factor in civil war battles.

How does the amount of casualties in the Civil War compared to other American Wars?

The amount of casualties in the Civil War were sky-rocketing, mostly because of the new technology, such as the minnie ball. Amount of deaths - 625,000

Why was it such a huge mistake for Civil War generals to adhere to Napoleon Bonaparte's famous military?

Basically, when Napoleon was commanding his French forces, technology in warfare was not as evolved as in the Civil War. This new technology included rifles, rifled cannons, and revolving pistols. These new weapons changed great Napoleonic tactics and victories such as Austerlitz turn into great Civil War blunders such as Pickett's Charge and the Battle of Fredericksburg. The weapons in the Napoleonic wars were smooth bores and had less accuracy and range as the rifled weapons of the Civil War. The weapons from Napoleon's time had 55 years to evolve to the weapons of the Civil War. Unfortunately, the tactics that were used by Napoleon, did not change over time.

Why did the Civil war take place in New York?

There were no Civil War battles in New York.

Why was the civil war so deadly?

New types of cannons and bullets were used.

Why were submarines used in civil war?

As an ingenious new method of sinking warships.

Did they had any technlogy in the Civil War?

New technology that was beneficial to the Civil War were canned foods, photography, and the telegraph. Soldiers were supplied with easier loading rifles that put a spin on the bullet to increase accuracy. A new bullet called the mini ball did far more damage to human bodies than previous ammunition. There was also some use of the new Gatling gun and missiles where they were available. The Civil War was also the first use of the submarine. Perhaps one of the most important inventions used in the Civil War was the railroads.

Which army used preventive strikes in the Civil War?

The Confederate army used preventive strikes first in the Civil War. One such occurred in 1861 in New Mexico by the Texas army.

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