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The machine gun, the submarine, new warship designs.

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Q: What new weapons are used in ww1?
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What new weapons were used in ww1?

machine guns, mustard gas, tanks

What new weapons were used in ww1 and who were they first used by?

tank,s. british.. gas, french.

How did new weapons increase the casualties in ww1?

New weapons increased the casualties in ww1 becasue further most we were learning new ways

What new technologies and weapons were used in ww1?

Machine guns, tanks, airplanes, and poison gas.

What new weapons were there in WW1?

rice and beans

What modern inventions were used in ww1?


How many weapons where used in ww1?


What effect did new weapons have in ww1?

Idfk know.

1. What new weapons were used during World War 1?

The new weapons of world war one were machine guns,Tanks,poison gas, and planes og WW1

What weapons used WW1?

rifles and machine guns

What are some of the new weapons used in ww1?

Machine guns, Gas (mustard, chlorine, phosgene, etc), tanks, and airplanes

New weapons in ww1?

machine guns, submarines and poisen gas