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Michael gave him the nickname ''blanket''


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Michael Jackson's youngest son.

His Youngest Child Is Prince Michael Jackson II (AKA ''Blanket'' Jackson) Who Was Born On February 21st 2002.

Michael Jackson has a son named Prince Michael Jackson II. It is widely reported that the child's nickname is blanket.

The youngest Cartwright was played by the actor Michael Landon.

His nickname is Blanket, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

Paris is Michael Jackson's daughter, and Blanket (Who's real name is Prince Michael II) Is his youngest son.

Yes Michael Jackson did have another son. The song Billie Jean is about Mikki Howard but her nickname is Billie and she had a son by Michael.his name is Brandon howard

Prince Jackson is Michael Jackson's son. Prince Jackson often refers to Michael Jackson's first born son, however his youngest son is also named Prince but is referred to as Blanket.

Noah's youngest son is called Ham

It was his youngest son Prince Michael II, aka blanket.

Benjamin, Rachel's second son, was Jacob's youngest son.

The twelfth son of Jacob was Benjamin the youngest of them all.

Benjamin is Jacob's youngest son.

Cleopatra's youngest son was Ptolemy Philadelphos.

Wendy's younger brother John is the middle child of the Darlings; Michael is the youngest.

a man who seems to strongly dislike his youngest son james maras but love everyone else

The youngest son of Jesse was David, who later became a king.

no! Michael's sons name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. ( eldest ) and Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a blanket ( youngest )

I guess you mean prosperous? He was the youngest son of a prosperous British family.

Out of the biological duggars there is 22 years between josh and his youngest sister josie. However josh's son michael is the youngest kid born in 2011.

Kairos, Caerus - the youngest divine son of Zeus.

No, Randy Jackson was the youngest. Randy was the only brother not part of the original Jackson Five. He was only four years old when the Jackson Five debuted.

Pomp or Pompy. see what nickname did Lewis and clark gave to Sacagawea's son?

katie prices youngest son is called junior andre

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