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What nickname is givent to US Marines?

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the nickname given to the US Marines is Jarhead

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Devil Dogs

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What was the marines first nickname?


Who won the battle of Bellau Woods. What was their nickname?

US Marines..Germans called them "Devil Dogs".

How does the marines protect us?

the marines protect us from the air

What happened after 240 US Marines were killed in Lebanon?

US Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon.The marines were withdrawn from Lebanon A+ answerThe Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon

What were the first US Marines known as?

Continental Marines.

How many US Marines are there in the US?

There are over 200,000 active US Marines and an additional 40,000 on reserve.

How many us marines inlisted in the vienam war?

Approximately 391,000 US Marines served in the Vietnam War; approximately 14,838 US Marines died in Vietnam.

You are Irish can you join the US Marines?

You have to be a US citizen to join the US marines i think its actually permanent resident

What does the US Marines help your nation?

how do marines help our nation

Was there a minimum height for US Marines in world war 2?

Minimum height US marines

How many US Marines Killed in Vietnam?

Nearly 15,000 US Marines were killed in Vietnam.

When did the US Marines land on Guadalcanal?

August 7, 1942 - the US Marines landed on Guadalcanal .

Do the US Seagoing Marines use the Marine Hymn as their song?

Why, hell yes! We seagoing Marines are MARINES!

How many US marines died in the vietnam war?

Nearly 15,000 US Marines were killed in the war.

What were the problems that the US Marines encountered in executing D-Day?

There were no US Marines at D-Day.

What is the special operations division of the US Marines called?

Recon Marines.

Are marines army or navy?

The Marines are part of the US Department of the Navy

What nickname is given to marine soldiers?

First off, Marines are Marines, not Marine soldiers. Marines have been know to be called jarheads,leathernecks,devil dogs just to name a few. semper fi

What percent of US citizens are US Marines?

Less than 2% of the Americans are in US Marines. Once a Marine always a Marine.

Do more Marines become a Ranger or more Rangers become Marines?

You are mixing services. Rangers are a part of the US Army. US Marines are a separate military unit.

Was the US Marines in England during 1942-1944?

During WWII and onward, normally large US Navy warships had a contingent of US Marines aboard, as part of the vessel's crew (Marines assigned to the warship). If any LARGE US Navy warships were in England, US Marines were probably present too.

How many marines were in the Vietnam war?

391,000 US Marines served in Vietnam.

How many marines fought in Vietnam?

Take it you mean US Marines? There were South Viet & South Korean (ROK) marines in country also. 391,000 US Marines served in South Vietnam, nearly 15,000 of them died there.

Can US Marines be stationed at US Navy bases?

Yes, they are part of the Navy. At most Naval Stations the US Marines provide the security. There are Marines stationed on certain ships that also provide security on board.

How many US Marines have been killed in action?

391,000 US Marines served in Vietnam, nearly 15,000 were killed there.