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What nicknames does Juliet Plumptre go by?

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Juliet Plumptre goes by Jules.

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How tall is Juliet Plumptre?

Juliet Plumptre is 5' 4 1/2".

What nicknames does Juliet Elizondo go by?

Juliet Elizondo goes by Caitlin.

What nicknames does Juliet Carlson go by?

Juliet Carlson goes by Julie.

What nicknames does Juliet Neil go by?

Juliet Neil goes by Green Eyes.

What nicknames does Juliet Vega go by?

Juliet Vega goes by Julie Vega.

What nicknames does Juliet Hammond go by?

Juliet Hammond goes by Juliette Hammond.

What nicknames does Juliet McDaniel go by?

Juliet McDaniel goes by Scout, Dollface, and Hey You.

What nicknames does Juliet Simms go by?

Juliet Simms goes by JuJu, Drangonfly, and Mama Snake.

When did Robert Plumptre die?

Robert Plumptre died in 1788.

When was Robert Plumptre born?

Robert Plumptre was born in 1723.

When was James Plumptre born?

James Plumptre was born in 1771.

When did James Plumptre die?

James Plumptre died in 1832.

When was Anne Plumptre born?

Anne Plumptre was born in 1760.

When did Anne Plumptre die?

Anne Plumptre died in 1818.

When was Edward Plumptre born?

Edward Plumptre was born in 1821.

When did Edward Plumptre die?

Edward Plumptre died in 1891.

When was Adelaide Plumptre born?

Adelaide Plumptre was born in 1874.

When did Adelaide Plumptre die?

Adelaide Plumptre died in 1948.

When was Plumptre Hospital created?

Plumptre Hospital was created in 1823.

When did Frederick Charles Plumptre die?

Frederick Charles Plumptre died in 1870.

When was Frederick Charles Plumptre born?

Frederick Charles Plumptre was born in 1796.

When did John Plumptre Carr Glyn die?

John Plumptre Carr Glyn died on 1912-03-28.

When was John Plumptre Carr Glyn born?

John Plumptre Carr Glyn was born on 1837-01-11.

What nicknames does Julie Gonzalez go by?

Julie Gonzalez goes by Julie, Julianita Rose, Jules, and Juliet.

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