Nuclear Weapons

What nuclear ambitions Pakistan has?

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Is Pakistan registered as a nuclear power?

I think Pakistan is registered nuclear power. B/C if Pakistan will not be the registered nuclear power the UN would be banned over Pakistan.

Is Pakistan a nuclear state?

Yes, Pakistan is a nuclear state, and it is growing its nuclear arsenals day by day.

What country in the middle east has nuclear ambitions?


What are the two nuclear power stations in Pakistan?

The Chashma Nuclear Power Complex and Karachi Nuclear Power Plant are in Pakistan.

When did Pakistan became the worlds nuclear power?

On May 28, 1998, Pakistan became a nuclear power

Is Pakistan making nuclear reactors?

No, they don't. All Pakistan nuclear power reactors are imported from outside.

Which country India or Pakistan has more nuclear bomb?


Which country has become an atomic power with Pakistan?

Just 2 months before nuclear test of Pakistan, India tested nuclear weapon at pokhran. Both India and Pakistan became nuclear power with almost a gap of 2 monhts. After Pakistan North Korea test its nuclear weapon.

Name the two nuclear power station of Pakistan?

Chashma Nuclear Power Complex Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Karachi Nuclear Power Complex Khushab Nuclear Complex Multan Heavy Water Production Facility Pakistan Atomic Research Reactor Pakistan Nuclear Power Fuel Complex

What year did Pakistan nuclear weapons program begin?

Pakistan initialized its nuclear program in early 70s. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the prime minster of Pakistan at that time. Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan was given this task and he made Pakistan a nuclear power by testing 5 nuclear explosions in 1998.

Have any nuclear weapons been launched in the Pakistan war?

No nuclear weapons used after they are tested. And since after testing the nuclear weapons, there is no war on Pakistan soil.

How many Islamic countries have nuclear power?

Only one PAKISTAN (ALHAMDULILLAH)Pakistan and Iran have nuclear electric power

What is the ranking of Pakistan in nuclear weapons?

Pakistan ranks Number 2 among the states with Non-NPT nuclear powers.

What is the major tension between the US and Iran today?

It is Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Which conutry have greater nuclear power India or Pakistan?

Pakistan has WMDs

Who is the founder of atomic work in Pakistan?

Doctor Abdul Qadir Khan is the founder of Pakistan nuclear setup. He along with his team made Pakistan a nuclear power in 1998 by testing 5 nuclear bombs in Chaghi Baluchistan.

What Arab countries have nuclear weapons?

Pakistan has about 100 nuclear weapons.

When pakistan became a nuclear weapon state?

Pakistan Become nuclear power in 1973 but due to political interest it proclaimed in 1999

What happened on 28 May in Pakistan?

On May 28th 1998 Pakistan tested 5 nuclear weapons at a time. On this day Pakistan became 6th nuclear power of the world.

Which country has best nuclear power Pakistan or India?

Pakistan is the Best. While i am an indian but in favour of PAKISTAN.

Does Afghanistan or pakistan have nuclear weapons?

NO for Afghanistan; YES for Pakistan. Afghanistan does not have nuclear weapons, nor did it have nuclear weapons at any time, nor has it been accused by other countries of having nuclear weapons. Afghanistan is also a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, for what that's worth.Pakistan confirmed its first nuclear weapons tests in 1998.

What were previous nuclear disasters in Pakistan?

Pakistan never ever faced any nuclear disaster. May Allah protect out country from such calamities.

In 1998 Pakistan resumed?

nuclear testing

How can you develop Pakistan?

With the aid of nuclear missiles.

When did Pakistan become nuclear power?


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