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The Degree of Knights templar is conferred at the 14th Degree of York Rite Masonry.

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Where did the knights templar fight?

The knights Templar fought in Jerusalem

Was templar knights from turkey?

Templar Knights where formed in France.

When was Knights Templar created?

Knights Templar was created in 1119.

When did Knights Templar end?

Knights Templar ended in 1312.

When was Knights Templar School created?

Knights Templar School was created in 1939.

When was Knights Templar Cartel created?

Knights Templar Cartel was created in 2011.

Was Christopher Columbus a member of the Knights Templar?

No Columbus was an Italian born sailor he had nothing to do with the Knights Templar

Is there a phone number you could call to contact the Knights Templar?

um... the knights templar were an order in the medieval ages, and order that ended in 1307, though the freemasons are thought to be what became of the templars.

Can the knights Templar be remade?

What are the charities in which the Templars engage?

Who served Templar knights?

The Knights Templar had squires to serve them. Their squires differed from those of other knights, because they were not in an apprenticeship and did not normally become knights, but were just servants. Also associated with the Knights Templar were sergeants, who were members of lower social classes who served as light cavalry. They rendered military service. The Knights Templar had their own clergy as well.

Is the knights of Columbus and knights templar one and the same?

christopher columbus is the last templar knight, and the knights of columbus is a legendary chivalric noble order...

What do Knights Templar and Freemasonry have in common?

You must be a Freemason to be a Knight Templar.

Who did the knights of templar fight?

The Muslims, after they took Jerusalem from the Knights.

Is the knight of Templar a product of prophecy?

No, the knights templar were an organization in the crusades and are real.

What do the Knights Templar believe about God?

The Knights Templar were Christians and had a Christian view of God. The link to the informative Wikipedia article is provided.

What was the role of the Knights Templar?

The knights templar were hippocrites who worshipped an idol called baphomet and slaughtered countless people. They were eventually disbanded for this act.

Were the Knights Templer Germanic?

Yes. The Knights Templar were Germanic, the originated as a Christian religious order of Knights who fought in the Crusades and they were originally from the Western portion of Germany near the Rhine river. Towards the end to after the crusades, a few of the members of the Knights Templar moved into France, and expanded the order to France. The Knights Templar originated from the Teutonic order of Knights, and the Knights Hospitaller who were both famous, yet powerful, Christian groups who were from Germany. The Knights Templar still are around today but are referred to as just "Templars" or "Free Masons."

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