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Look at the fuse holder cover. There it should list the amp rating for that fuse. Also the owners manual will list this. Do not use any other fuse other that the listed fuse.

There is a diagram in the owners manual (page 125). Check out to download it for free.

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Q: What number is the fuse in the fuse box for the instrument gauges on a 1999 e350 van?
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What size battery does a Ford E350 Econoline Van use?

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With a good radiator it can t be the engine temperature issue .the only diagnose is a Low oil pressure.First change the air filter and do a good quality of oil for your engine.

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First you need to know what type of engine it is.

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look for vaccum leak(vaccum control switch, diaphragm valves or vaccum lines).

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its an expansion valve and it is located in the black box ( in the rear unit)

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17 or replace abs sensor, on top of rear axle

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I had the oil pan replaced on my 1999 e350 cube van with a 7.3 powerstroke diesel last year. The mechanic had to disconnect the transmission, and raise the engine enough to remove the oil pan.

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e350 is bad that's why

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The E350 is an Ecnoline van, The f350 is a Truck

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Below and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal Remove the panel cover to access the fuses ( according to the owners manual )

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