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Let's first call the number x. We can rewrite the clue as an equation: x/3 = 3 + x/4 We can rewrite this as: x/3 - x/4 = 3 Now multiply the whole equation by 12, which is the least common multiple of 3 and 4 4x - 3x = 36

Finally: x = 36


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Every whole number, except 1, satisfies this requirement since it would be the product of 1 and the number itself.

Suppose the first number is x. Then the second number is x+1. A fourth of the first number is x/4 A fifth of the second number is (x+1)/5 So the equation is x/4 = (x+1)/5 + 1 Multiplying though by 20: 5x = 4x + 4 + 20 = 4x + 24 Subtracting 4x from both sides: x = 24

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28 is the smallest number which satisfies these constraints, the next smallest numbers are 30, 32, and 36. This can be eaily calculated as the divisor function is a series on oeis A000005. 21 hsa 4 factors; 1, 3, 7, 21 as it is semi prime.

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A solution is an answer which satisfies all the constraints posed in the problem. Sometimes there can be more than one solution to a problem, sometimes there are no solutions to a problem. For example the solution to "3x+4=13" is the value of x which satisfies the equation. Of course it's (13-4)/3=3. "Name a day of the week that begins with a T" has two solutions, since Tuesday and Thursday both begin with T. "What number is bigger than 4 but less than 3" has no solutions.

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The square of 9 more than a number is equal to nine more than the square of a number. What is the number?

* A - 2B= 3 * A - B = 8 (We don't know which of the numbers is the largest, so we'll try A first) If we subtract the lower equation from the upper, we get * 0A -1B = -5 ----- Therefore B = 5 * So A = 2(5) +3 = 13 So, 13 and 5 satisfies the first requirement, 13 is three more than twice 5, and the difference between 13 and 5 is 8, so that satisfies the second requirement.

seven more than a number is when you have a number and you add 7 to it it is 7 more than a number seven is more than a number means you have two numbers X and 7 and 7>X

(a number) + 11 = 11 more than a number

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If a number has more than two factors then it is a composite number

a positive number is more, not less.

87.098 is 15.53 more than what decimal number

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A composite number has three or more factors.

A composite number has three or more factors.

A composite number has three or more factors.

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