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Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses. This allows them to further their education using online courses that fit into their busy work schedules. Consider University of Phoenix, Maryville, and Walden University.

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Q: What nurse practitioner courses can be taken online?
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What are the college courses to be taken if you want to become a registered nurse?


Difference between an MD and an ARNP?

ARNP, or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner is a Nurse Practitioner who has taken training and passed national examination. They are not medical doctors and as such are not able to perform surgery but they work very closely with doctors.

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There are a series of courses that are taken before the certification exams. There are many online schools and certification programs available at local colleges and universities.

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What is heathcare PA-C or NP?

A PA is a Physician Assistant, the C means that a national certification exam was taken and passed. An NP is a Nurse Practitioner.

What courses are required for pediatric nursing?

A pediatric nurse should have a certificate in order to be a nurse. They should also have taken classes in anatomy, childhood development, and neonatal care.

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