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A single sperm will enter the egg and fertilisation takes place.


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Fertilization occurs whenever a male sperm cell meets a female egg cell. For mammals, it is in the uterus, but in plants, it is the stigma and ovary.

when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell it fertilizes the egg cell

Meiosis is the type of cell division that forms eggs and sperm in humans. It occurs in the reproductive organs.

It is one half (the other half being the sperm) which grows into a foetus if it meets a sperm cell.

Both are types of cells. The sperm cell carries the male's genetic contribution. The oocyte is the cell that carries the female's contribution. When the sperm cell meets the oocyte, the result is a fertilized human egg.

In humans internal fertilization is found and it occurs during after intercourse when male ejaculated its sperm in female vagina and when one sperm cell fuse with ovum of female then fertilization occur and which produce an egg cell.

In humans fertilization occurs in the end of the fallopian tube away from the uterus (closer to the ovary). The tube sort of pulls it inside where the sperm can find it.

When the sperm penetrate the egg cell fertilization occurs.

the easisest way i can explain is this is when an egg meets a sperm. an egg is a male cell and egg is a female cell

Pregnancy happens when one sperm cell meets one egg cell. So if the sperm gets into the vagina -- no matter what it's riding on -- pregnancy is possible!

The one cell that all humans come from is the zygote that formed when the sperm fertilized the egg.

it occurs when the sperm cell and the egg cell combine they one might be albino

A human sperm cell and an egg cell each normally carry 23 chromosomes each. Humans have a total of 46 chromosomes, and that is what you get when you add a sperm cell and an egg cell together.

A fertilized cell is when a mature ovum (egg) is fertilized by a sperm. It becomes a fertilized cell. The sperm enters the ovum and the tail drops off. Then mitosis occurs and the cell continues to develop.

A Sperm Cell as in most mammals like humans.

During spermatogenesis a cell division called meiosis occurs. This process produces four sperm cells.

It is found in the sperm cell which means it an animal cell as us humans are animals.

In humans a male reproductive cell is the sperm, while the female reproductive cell is the egg.

Meiosis occurs in only the reproductive cells to form gametes (in humans... eggs and sperm). And it would be performed to perpetuate a species...

fertilization occurs when an egg and a sperm cell unite

the answer is because the female produces half of the genetic information and the male sperm head produces the other half.and when the egg lets a sperm cell in it stays there and develop into the embro.and then it studies the cell the reproduction occurs

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