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the ocean that Massachusetts borders is the Atlantic Ocean.

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What ocean borders Massachusetts on the east?

Atlantic Ocean

What ocean or sea borders Massachusetts?

Atlantic ocean

Which ocean borders the states of Maine and Massachusetts?

The Atlantic Ocean.

What is the region of Massachusetts Plymouth?

Plymouth is located in the southeastern part of Massachusetts, it borders the ocean.

What Ocean borders Massachusetts on the West?

The Ocean is called New York... There is no Ocean to the West of Massachusetts! That is the state of New York.Some of these questions are almost comical!

Does Boston border the Atlantic ocean?

Boston borders the Atlantic Ocean. Boston is the capital of the state of Massachusetts. It is located in the eastern portion of the state.

What ocean borders Massachusetts and Virginia?

The Atlantic Ocean (more specifically the North Atlantic), which forms the eastern coast of the US.

Is it true that Massachusetts borders on Maine?

No. The borders of Maine (ME) and Massachusetts (MA) do not touch.

What are the New Hampshire borders?

Quebec to the north, Massachusetts to the south, Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Vermont to the west.

What ocean borders Arkansas?

There is not an ocean that borders Arkansas.

Which Ocean does Uruguay borders?

It borders The Atlantic Ocean

Which country borders three different seas?

Australia borders the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Southern Ocean. Canada borders the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Arctic Ocean. Chile borders the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Southern Ocean.

What state borders Massachusetts Vermont and Maine?

New Hampshire borders Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

What other state border has Massachusetts?

The state borders are New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island. The lardge body of water the borders is the Atlantic Ocean

What ocean borders Brazil?

The Atlantic Ocean borders Brazil.

What ocean borders GA?

Atlantic Ocean borders Georgia

What ocean borders Yemen?

The indian ocean borders yemen

Which ocean borders Maryland?

The Atlantic Ocean borders Maryland.

What ocean borders Singapore?

The Indian Ocean borders Singapore.

What borders the Pacific Ocean?

Mexico borders the Pacific Ocean. cw: California borders the Pacific Ocean. (Look at a globe.)

Which ocean borders New York?

Pacific Ocean borders New York ;) :>

What ocean borders Washington state?

The Pacific Ocean is the ocean that borders the state of Washington. This ocean also borders the states of California, Alaska and Oregon.

What ocean borders France to the west?

The Atlantic Ocean is the ocean that borders France to the west.

Ocean that borders Finland?

It is the Baltic Sea, not an ocean, that borders Finland.

What ocean borders Mexico on the west?

The Pacific Ocean borders Mexico.

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