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What ocean does a pink dolphin live in?

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The pink dolphin live in rivers and freshwater. These dolphins do not venture out into the ocean because of the salt content.

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What is the difference between a Pink Dolphin and a Ocean Dolphin?

Pink dolphin are river dolphin and ocean dolphin are sometimes big than river dolphin

Why cant ocean dolphins live where the pink dolphin live?

Their penises are too big

What OCEAN do pink dolphin live in?

They don't live in oceans, they live in the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers

What part of the sea do dolphin live in?

Different dolphin species live in different areas of the ocean. However, all of the world's oceans are home to dolphins. A couple of dolphin species live in rivers. These include the pink river dolphin of the Amazon and the Ganges river dolphin.

Where does a baby dolphin live?

A baby dolphin lives with its mom dolphin in the ocean. dolphins can live in any ocean

What part of the sea does the pink dolphin live in?

The pink dolphin is actually a freshwater dolphin, and lives in the Amazon River.

Where in china do pink dolphins live?

In pink dolphin land!

Where does the pink dolphin live?

in the pink sea at pinkworld. in the pink sea at pinkworld.

Where Dolphin live?

In the ocean

What kind of climate does a pink dolphin live in?

pink dolphins live in revers or lakes

Where pink river dolphin live?


Where does the Pacific dolphin live?

in the ocean

What ocean does a dolphin live in?

dolphin species are found in all oceans.

Why pink dolphin become fewer?

Because people paint the dolphin and when they are put back in the ocean it is washed off.

Does dolphin live in the ocean how long is the dolphin?

Dolphins do live in the ocean. The most common dolphin, a bottlenose, ranges from 9 - 10. Females tend to be smaller and males are larger.

Where are the dolphin live in the ocean?

any space of ocean floor

How long does a pink river dolphin live?

They live for 30 years.

What layer of the rainforest does a pink dolphin live in?

dolphins do not live in a Rainforest.

How long can a pink dolphin live?

12 years.

What ocean does a bottlenose dolphin live in?

They live in all oceans including the Indian ocean. :)

Where does the black dolphin live?

The black river dolphin lives in the Pacific ocean.

Does a bottlenose dolphin live in a ocean?


Do dolphin live deep in the ocean?


Does Amazon river dolphin live in Amazon river?

yes they do live in the amazon other dolphins do to like the pink dolphin

What type of home does a dolphin live in?

Dolphins live in the ocean.