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This is a nonhomogeneous mixture.

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Yes, that is correct. A homogeneous mixture contains particles of two or more different substances that are evenly spread apart.

In a homogeneous mixture particles are spread evenly.

Yes, homogeneous mixture particles are spread evenly throughout the mixture, like lemonade.

salt water contains small particles that have moved so they are evenly spread through the mixture.

The answer is heterogeneous. I am 101% sure about that!

no, consistency of such is a homogeneous characteristic

I believe you are looking for the word : Homogeneous.

If it is not spread out evenly, it is called a heterogeneous mixture,

A solution. A "solution" is not a process. The process of particles spreading evenly through a mixture is called dispersion or diffusion.

Compositions may vary but generally speaking the particles of a homogeneous mixture maintain a uniform composition.

Dye particles spread out evenly through a container of water due to diffusion.

Homogeneous means similar all over. So I would amswer Yes.

A colloid has particles spread out through evenly (eg. Yarra river in Melbourne, Australia- it's brown). An emulsion is a mixture.

the engulfing of large particles

They are always evenly spread in standard temperature pressure.

A Compound mixture. I think it is called homogeneous... <>

This type of mixture is called heterogenous mixture where substances in a certain mixture are not evenly spread.

a heterogeneous substance is when the substance of a mixture is not spread out evenly.

a homogenousmixture consists of evenly spread particles or materials, while a heterogenousmixture has areas that contain a high density of one material over another. An example of a homogenousmixture is a saturated sugar solution. While milk is an example of a heterogenousmixture

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