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Q: What omnivores are in the arctic tundra?
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What are some omnivores in the arctic tundra list them?


What omnivores live in the Arctic tundra?

Artic Fox it is forced top eat plant because of the low amount of carnivore it eat! :D

What are some animals in arctic tundra that are some omnivores?

artic fox and brown bear

What are some omnivores that live in the tundra biome?

arctic fox- adapted by having long fur thats changes color with the seasons

Is an arctic tundra swan an carnivore herbivore or an omnivore?

Swans are omnivores. They mostly eat plants, but will eat the odd insect or earthworm.

Is the tundra the same thing as the arctic tundra?

Tundra is a generic term, "arctic tundra" is a specific tundra.

What continents does the arctic tundra belong in?

The Arctic Tundra is present in North America, Europe, and Asia. The Arctic Tundra is a type of tundra present around the Arctic Ocean's coastline.

Is there an arctic tundra in Antarctica?

No. You'll find arctic tundra in the Arctic.

What are the common omnivores of the Arctic?

Arctic foxes and arctic squirrels are both omnivores.

Do Arctic foxes live in the Arctic tundra?

Yes, Arctic foxes live on the tundra of the Arctic.

What are the omnivores in tundra?

is a rabbit a omnivore in the tundra.

Are there arctic birches at the tundra?

If you mean Arctic tundra then yes.

A level treeless plain in arctic areas?


What are the seasons in the arctic tundra?

An Arctic Tundra's seasons are winter and summer.

What type of soil does the arctic tundra have?

The arctic tundra has poor soil

What birds eat animals in the arctic tundra?

there arent any birds in the arctic tundra.

What is the difference an arctic tundra and an alpine tundra?

An arctic tundra is just a super cold place but the alpine tundra is on the tops of big mountains

What territories are in the arctic tundra?

The Danish territory of Greenland is in the Arctic Tundra. The Canadian territories of Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon are in the Arctic Tundra.

What is arctic tundra moss?

Arctic tundra moss is a kind of decomposer that lives in the arctic tundra. It is green in color, but mostly white because it is covered with ice.

What bacteria are in the arctic tundra?

gilled mushrooms are a common fungi in the arctic tundra.

What was the name of the war happened in the arctic tundra?

Arctic Tundra War you anus!

What are some Arctic tundra scavengers?

Scavengers of the Arctic tundra include wolves, the Arctic fox and polar bears.

Is a brown bear an omnivore in the arctic tundra?

A brown bear will eat plants, berries, fish, grubs, worms, meat (even carrion if desperately hungry), and are omnivores.

What are the types of tundra?

The arctic tundra, alpine tundra, and antarctic tundra.

What is an Arctic Foxes habitat?

Arctic foxes live in the Arctic and alpine tundra and on ice floes (sheets of ice).