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There are definitely colleges that offer an online degree for audio engineering. There are many programs that are available. This is a good place to start:

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Q: What online colleges offer an audio engineering degree?
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How do I get an audio engineering degree online?

An audio engineering degree is a degree that teaches you how to use the machines and equipment that deals with recording equipment. If you would like to get an audio engineering degree please make sure to go to an accredited school.

How do you receive an audio engineering degree?

Audio engineering degrees aren't typically obtainable online. The degrees themselves aren't actually degrees, but rather certifications. You can receive certification in audio engineering after 2 years at vocational training school.

Can I take online classes at any audio engineering schools?

You can take some classes online at for audio engineering.

Are there any audio engineering schools that offer degrees online?

There are websites such as and that both offer online degrees for audio engineering.

How much does audio engineering school cost?

Most traditional audio engineering schools cost between $15,000 and $50,000, but many community colleges have audio engineering curriculums now, which could cost you as little as $3,000, or free if you qualify for a Pell grant.

What is the abbreviation for associates in audio engineering?

That is most likely an A.S. degree (associate of science)

Where can I find good audio engineering school in NY? is the site where one can find the audio engineering school in NY and they also offer the scholarships which is a very good option to get the degree.

Which questions should I ask when choosing an audio engineering school?

Many schools have BA/BS audio engineering degree programs. You should know which degree you're getting, the cost, and reputation of the school, since it will affect your job prospects.

When was Audio Engineering Society created?

Audio Engineering Society was created in 1948.

What specialty fields are available at most audio engineering schools?

Most audio engineering programs have specialties in studio engineering, systems engineering, mixing engineering, and recording engineering. A lot of schools specialize in live sound engineering and audio post engineering.

Where can someone learn about audio engineering?

There are a wide variety of online resources which detail information about audio engineering. The blogger Ben Gribaudo, for example, lists some of the best web resources that provide this service.

Looking for an audio engineering schools.?

You can find a lot of audio engineering schools out there that might interest you. Some of them are:, or also

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