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What options do you have when threatened with repo?


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2004-01-25 21:06:31
2004-01-25 21:06:31

Lance, you can take the car back to them or you let them come get it. Its not a hard decision. Probably, you are 60 days behind and what do YOU think the odds are of you "catching up"? You know your financial picture better than anyone else. make a realistic choice and deal with now. Good Luck


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There are a number of things that you can do to stop a car repo oversees. One of the best options is to ensure that you pay up the entire car loan and any other relevant charges.

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No what he did is called this a repo co. or a private individual? If your car is up for repo the police will not arrest you it is a civil matter between you and the lender.

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repo is taking somthing away like the repo man in the new movie repo! the genetic opera theres an organ repo man who takes away peoples organs

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repo rate is 8%. reverse repo rate is 7%

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