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Ghosts are already dead, they cannot be killed. Some people use rocks and stones for protection, but they wont harm or kill them.

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Is a medication that kills ore damage cells?

The are no medication that kills ore. An ore is a type of rock that contains minerals with important elements including metals. so i doubt something that doesn't exist damages cells.

What animal kills the ghost frogs?

beta ghost are not present now a days

Who Killed Ghost and Roach?

General Sheperd kills Roach and Ghost. But Soap gives payback and kills Sheperd, even though they trusted eachother.

What is the climax in the story the ghost of the lagoon?

the climax is that Mako kills Tupa, ghost of the lagoon.

Who kills Banquo in the play?

Macbeth kills Banquo in the play and then Banquo's ghost haunts Macbeth.

Who is the girl Andy kills in the book THe ghost of graylock?

Rebecca Smith

What kills phsycis Pokemon?

Dark and Ghost Pokemon can kill Psyhic pokemon.

Where is the White Ghost in Final Fantasy IX?

Mr. Ghost, or "the White Ghost," is located just outside Treno in the dark area. he asks for one ore and then gives you 10 ap and a high potion

How do you get rid of a ghost that can control you and make you think realistic then kills you?

Go to the prest and find out

What should you call your mystery short story Its about a girls ghost who kills people and then the girl goes to jail etc please help?

The prisoned ghost

What does the Ghost skull do in Halo 2?

It kills everyone if you trhow an grenade if you have defeated THE last boss

What community was most likely to become a ghost town?

Usually it was mining towns that became ghost towns, either because the mine yields fell, or the price of ore fell, or both.

What does it mean when you dream about a ghost who kills people alone?

The ghost in this dream is a symbol of your own fear. Dreaming of the ghost killing "people alone" suggests that you are uneasy and frightened when you are by yourself. The dream merely provides images that illustrate your fear. It does not mean that any such ghost exists in the real world.

Is ghost from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 dead?

Yes. After shooting Roach, Sheperd kills Ghost with a shot to the head with a .44 Magnum. and yes. Gaz is finally dead.

What is that horror movie called in which there's a haunted house in which a family moves in its before 1995 Scenes I remember ball bounces non stop and the ghost father kills her daughter in tub?

The only movie I can think of that has a 'ghost father' killing someone in a bathtub is The Grudge, but that is his wife, son, and cat he kills.

Will ghost be in Call of Duty Black Ops?

no, ghost dies at the end of mw2. him and roach get shot and then burned at the end of the cabin level. Sheppard kills one and has the other killed, and no ghost would be a lot younger then because that is during the Vietnam or the cold war era.

Is iron ore uranium ore?

Uranium ore is not...uranium ore !

Can you be a friend of bloodymary?

No you cannot because bloodymary is a ghost that kills people but if you are mean to her she will!(because she is a meanie). if you want her to help you, you have to teach her a lesson!

How do you kill ghost in Pokemon FireRed?

use moves that arent fighting or normal. use moves that r dark and ghost to kill it faster becuz its super effective. use all the other types until it kills it.

What two things does Macbeth hallucinate?

In act two seen one he hallucinates two daggers, and after he kills Banquo he sees his ghost in his chair.

What ghost is in the play Macbeth?

MacBeth ends up seeing the ghost of his friend Banquo during his dinner party he throws in (and double check this) Act 4 i believe. Also, before MacBeth kills Duncan in Act 2 he sees a floating dagger as a hallucination. The ghost though, is Banquo.

What is the name of tin ore?

The name for tin ore is "Tin Ore." There is no other name for tin ore..... Also, you can combine a tin ore to a copper ore to make a bronze bar. :)

Which metals are made from metal-ore?

The type of ore will determine the type of metal. Iron ore yields Iron. Silver ore yields silver. Gold ore yields gold.

Raw Materials used in manufacture of computers?

The same ones used in making most other electronics:silica sandbauxitegoldiron orepetroleumcopper oretin orelead oregallium oreindium orearsenic oreboron orephosphate orenitrogenhydrogenwood (mostly to make paper)tantalum oreetc.

What is meant by the term ore?

It means a mineral deposit that has some metal, precious or no. I.E. gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, zinc ore ETC.