What organism created or made glucose?


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All plants create glucose as a byproduct of their cellular respiration.

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glucose I beleive is used for energy in an organism

An organism capable of photosynthesis

The biomolecule responsible for quick energy in an organism is glucose. Glucose can be derived from a number of food types, chiefly carbohydrates.

glucose is created during photosynthesis in plants.

Sugar is basically glucose. In cellular respiration, Glucose, Water and oxygen are needed. Cellular respiration makes energy for cells, and entirely, an organism.

Glucose is the most common monosaccharide found.Glucose is the most common monosaccharide found in living organism.

glucose is made from water and carbon dioxide.

Photosynthesis produces glucose. Glucose is a complex sugar. It is moved from the chloroplasts to the mitochondria. Then ATP is created and used as energy in the cell.

ANSWER:Glucose is made of monosccharides, and glycogen.

Glucose is made up of carbon and hydrogen.

Glucose is a carbohydrate, made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Sodium chloride is not made from glucose.

Glucose is not made from sodium chloride.

Glucose is created which is a mono saccharide. Glucose is stored as starch

glucose is made in photosynthesis oxygen is also made

Yeast is a living organism and it eats sugar or "glucose".

plants and fruits have lots of glucose because when photosynthesis occurs glucose is created.

No, glucose and fructose is what sucrose is made of.

Almost all bio-chemical reactions taking place in the cells of the living organism are catalyzed by enzymes.For Example: The conversion of Glucose to Glucose-6-Phosphate (1st Reaction of Glycolysis) is catalyzed by the enzyme hexokinase or glucokinase.Glucose + ATP ---> Glucose-6-Phosphate + ADP

As an organism, you are made up of cells.

The primary source of glucose in the body comes from the carbohydrates that are eaten by the organism. Examples of carbohydrates are bread, pasta and rice.

because releasing all the energy in glucose would waste it and heat up the organism

Any molecule that is produced by a living organism is called a biomolecule. Glucose, which is a six carbon monosaccharide is an example of a biomolecule.

the molecule that are made up of Glucose is mainly sugar.

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