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protists and fungis

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Q: What organisms use fermentation?
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How do organisms that use fermentation gain energy using this method?

The organisms that use fermentation, such as yeast, gain energy by converting carbohydrates to carbon dioxides and alcohols. Organisms that use fermentation do not require sunlight.

What organisms use alcohol fermentation?


What organisms use alchoholic fermentation?


What type of organisms use alcohol fermentation?


What type of organisms use alcoholic fermentation?


What types of organisms use alcoholic fermentation?


What is the process in which organisms get energy without the use of oxygen?


What organisms use alcoholic fermentation?

Yeasts and a few other microorganisms.

What kind of organisms use cellular restpiration?

All of them do except for ones that instead use fermentation

What oganisms use fermentation?

Obligate anaerobes this is an Organisms that must live in the absence of oxygen.

Examples of organisms that use alcohol fermentation for their cellular energy processes?

Usually yeast

List the two type of fermentation and tell where each take place?

The two types of fermentation are alcoholic fermentation, and lactic-acid fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation, occurs in yeast and other single celled organisms. Lactic-acid fermentation occurs in muscle cells. Your muscles use it to create energy when there is not enough oxygen to use for normal respiration.

What types of organisms carry out lactic acid fermentation?

Most organisms including humans carry out lactic acid fermentation

Why do organisms carry out fermentation?

Because it can

What is hindgut fermentation in pigs?

Hindgut Fermentation is the process of digesting cellulose in herbivorous organisms.

What organisms perform alcoholic fermentation?


What organisms undergo alcoholic fermentation?

Yeast is one of them.

Why is fermentation useful?

For the breakdown of carbohydrates by micro-organisms.

What organisms carry out alcoholic fermentation?

Yeast and Bacteria. :)

What type of organisms benefit from fermentation?

muscles and organs

What is a pathway used by anaerobic organisms to get energy?


What types of organisms carry out alcoholic fermentation?


Why is fermentation essential to those organisms that use it as a source of energy?

Oxygen is not present in sufficient quantity for normal cellular respiration.

How do organisms use fermentation?

they take glucose (sugar), break it in half (glycolysis), and use it to make ethanol (poison in beer) and carbon dioxide (CO2)

Why absolute alcohal cannot be prepared by fermentation process?

That high a concentration of ethanol is toxic to the organisms doing the fermentation.