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The first successful transplant - of a kidney - occurred in 1953. The organ was not rejected because donor and recipient were identical twins and therefore genetically identical. However, new drugs such as cortisone, which appeared in the 1950s, and cyclosporine, which arrived on the scene in the late 1970s, were developed to lessen the problem of rejection. Combinations of drugs are now used to prevent rejection in transplant patients. The most common transplanted organ was the kidney and the heart transplant.

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Q: What organs are most transplanted successfully?
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What organs can be transplanted?

All organs have been successfully transplanted except the brain.

What organs and tissues have been successfully transplanted since 1950 Which two or these are now most commonly transplanted?

Lots of organs have been transplanted . Heart eye liver kidney and the testicles

Can you get a new brain?

No, the brain and the pancreas are the only organs that cannot be transplanted successfully.

Which two organs are most commonly transplanted?

== == == == At least 21 different organs -- such as hearts, livers, and kidneys -- been transplanted. I believe in 1954, the first kidney transplant was performed successfully. As for the two most common, that I think would be the kidney again and the cornea in the eye. === ===

Which organ cannot be transplanted?

Answerthe brain and the immune system cannot be transplantedAnswerMost organs (except the brain) can be transplanted. However only a few organs are essential for life (heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, small intestine), which is why many organs are not transplanted - e.g stomach, spleen, gall bladder, uterus, overies, large intestine etc... are not essential for life, so are not commonly transplanted.AnswerThe main organ which cannot get transplanted through one specie or human doner is the BRAIN.AnswerAnything can be transplanted. It is whether you mean "successfully" transplanted or not. Some things cannot be successfully transplanted (yet), such as brains. And some things are not transplanted (much) because they're not essential for life - such as limbs, stomachs (yes, not essential!), and large intestines. Limb transplants tend to be unsuccessful, as are other transplants where the thing transplanted is external - i.e you can see it. Ovaries have now been transplanted successfully (i.e have produced kids), but the procedure is not commonplace.

The two most commomnly transplanted organs or tissues?

The kidney and cornea are the most commonly transplanted organs and the tissues are the bones and tendons.AnswerThe two most commonly transplanted organs are the kidneys and the liver. For tissues it would be the bone and tendons. The skin is the most common transplanted tissue, normally referred to as allograft and auto-graft.

5 organs that can be successfully transplanted?

Kidney, liver, heart, eyes, lungs, pancreas, intestine, and thymus.

What are the three most commonly transplanted organs?

Three commonly transplanted organs include:kidneyheartlungsskin grafts

The organs most frequently transplants are?

The organs that are mostly commonly transplanted are the kidney and the liver

What organs and tissues have been successfully transplanted since 1950?

Liver, heart, pancreas, lungs, and faces if you count skin.

Which two organs are now most commonly transplanted.?

pancreas and liver?

What are the most commonly transplanted organs?

Kidneys, followed by livers and hearts.

The two most commonlly transplanted organs or tissues?

heart and lungs

What wast the first organ to be successfully transplanted from a cadaver what was the first organ to be successfully transplanted from a cadaver to a live person?


What is the most common organ transplants completed?

Kidneys are the organs most commonly transplanted.

Were do they get the organs to be transplanted?

Kidney's are usually transplanted from a family member who is a match as you only need one. Other organs such as lungs and heart are transplanted from a recently deceased person who had opted to donate their organs at the time of their death, they are then removed from the donor and taken to the receipient who is in most need of the particular organ who is most likely to be a match. (blood type etc. is taken into consideration)

Specific organs in animal to human transplant?

Baboon and pig hearts have been successfully transplanted into humans. naturally the animal-rights types do not approve.

List examples of organs or tissues that can be successfully transplanted?

Heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, small bowel, cornea, skin,limbs and face transplant.

What can you transplant?

Hearts, liver, kidneys, lungs, small intestine, pancreas, corneas, heart valves. Some other things have been transplanted (both successfully and unsuccessfully), but typically only "life saving" organs are routinely transplanted.

What was the first human organ to be successfully transplanted?

The Kidney

Which organs of the body can't be transplanted?


What organs can be transplanted from a pig to a human?

The skin

Why is the list of living donor organs much shorter than the list of deceased donor organs?

The answer is obvious. Many of the organs transplanted are organs that people cannot live without. These organs are transplanted from people who have passed on and left it their will to transplant certain organs from their body.

What are the two most commonly transplanted organs or tissues?

i think the heart is the most transplanted organ CORNEA & SKIN the most commonly transplated organ is the Penis which technicly is a fish with 6eyes lizzie is a loser!! big time!!

First organ successfully transplanted from dead person?

A heart.