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What organs does ADHD effect?

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ADHD is disorder resulting from an underdevelopment of certain regions of brain, particularly the areas that control focus, memory, and impulse. ADHD affects only the brain.

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Is ADHD a side effect of Dyslexia?

ADHD often has one other "side effect" that comes with it dyslexia is very common one but you can have dyslexia and not ADHD they don't come as a joint package.

Does ADHD medicine effect puberty effect puberty?

Its highly unlikely

What organs does affects attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Since ADHD is a mental disorder it is in the brain. ADHD is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

What senses does ADHD affect?

ADHD doesn't affect typical senses (i.e. smell, taste, etc); however, ADHD can effect an individual's sense of time.

Is the drug 'ridilin' addictive?

YesThe slang for Ridilin on the streets is know as "poor mans coke" the effect for a person without ADHD can be similar to that of coke. HOWEVER for those with ADHD the effect will not give them the same effect in fact it will do the opposite, obviously because that is what Ridilin is prescribed for(ADHD).

Can ADHD medications cause increased sweating?

Yes, a common side effect of most ADHD medications is increased sweating.

Does add-ADHD effect mood swings?

Yes, it can effect how you feel and how you treat others.

Does a tanning bed effect your organs?

does using a tanning bed have any negative effect on your organs or reproductive system

Does Strattera and Adderall have the same properties to treat ADHD.?

They are different Pharmacueticals but are both used for ADHD. Their method of Action will be slightly Different in creating the Effect

How does ADHD effect children's learning in school?

Simply, the child has ADHD, so it gets distracted, and violence matter of the subject causes failure in behavior.

How can ADHD be avoided?

The cause of ADHD is not known, the best effect on the child well-being is detecting it early and adjusting school and teaching it strategies to deal with it.

Does Adderall help study?

Adderall can help you to focus better if you are ADHD, which will help you to study better.If you are not ADHD and do not have a legal prescription, there's no way to know what effect Adderall will have on you.

What cold medications can you take with ADHD medications?

I would try to use antihistamine products instead of those containingdecongestants, which could increase the stimulant effect of the ADHD meds .

What organs does smoking effect?

In a word: all.

What organs do a unhealthy lifestyle effect?

All of them.

How does genital herpes effect on female reprodutive organs?

Herpes doesn't affect the reproductive organs.

What major organs does cocaine use effect?

All of them

Do all excitatory neurotransmitters have the same effect on organs?


Why does adderall make you feel like you have ADD?

It makes a regular person without ADHD feel like they do have ADHD. Probably because of the "wired" feeling, since it is a stimulant. Those with ADHD actually feel a paradoxical effect and feel calmer and focused as opposed to so "all over the place" per se. I have ADHD and take Adderall XR.

Is vyvance a narcotic?

No, it is not a narcotic. It is a central nervous system stimulant, for people with ADD/ADHD it has a calming effect. For people without ADHD it is a powerful stimulant. Narcotic means numb and opiates fall into this catagory.

When you remove the organs out of the body what dose that effect?

It starts to decay

What two things have a toxic effect on bones?

cells & organs

What kind of blast effect causes the majority of the injuries to gas containing organs?

Primary blast effect

How does marijuana effect organs?

it does not harm any organs, it can increase your lung health because of holding in smoke for a long time.

Can gerbils get ADHD?

Sometimes they can get ADHD.

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